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DentalVibe has been featured on numerous TV news segments and national TV shows. Click on the playlist below to learn more about providing a comfortable dental experience for your patients and increasing patient compliance.

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DentalVibe Featured in July 2020 Issue of Inside Dentistry

  DentalVibe® replaces “cheek shake” method, minimizing fear and pain for patients At KidShine Pediatric Dental Group, the top priority for David Ching, DMD, is patient comfort. Take care of that, Ching says, and the revenue numbers will follow. That attitude has helped his Hawaii-based practice to grow from7 employees to 53 during a 6-year […]

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DentalVibe helps eliminate pain in the dentist’s chair

Trips to the dentist that call for intense dental procedures can induce feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear in patients, especially when drills and needles are involved. In many cases, fear of experiencing pain at the dentist deters patients from visiting the clinic, even when their oral health is at risk. To combat patient fears […]

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DentalVibe ideal for treating special-needs patients

Patients with special needs and disabilities can be difficult to treat when your dental practice lacks tools that can enhance the experience for these types of individuals. For instance, mouth props are helpful when treating patients with involuntary body movements, while sedation dentistry can help stabilize individuals who suffer from conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, […]

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DentalVibe effective at calming dental-phobic patients

Approximately 50% of the American population avoids going to the dentist for fear of experiencing pain and discomfort, according to research conducted by Columbia Dental School and the University of Washington. Despite new, positive changes made to dental technology over the last several years, patients are still hesitant to visit their dentists due to having […]

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DentalVibe helps block pain from Lidocaine and numbing agents

Lidocaine is a popular numbing agent used by most dentists to numb regions of the mouth prior to major dental procedures such as root canals, cavity fillings, rooting and planing, and more. While Lidocaine is effective at preventing patients from experiencing severe pain during treatment, many patients admit that the Lidocaine shot itself is usually painful […]

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DentalVibe helps calm dental fears in children

Today’s children understand how technology can help make life easier — from using the Internet to find homework answers, to using mobile devices that alert parents to their whereabouts. But when it comes to going to the dentist, most children are fearful about experiencing pain, thanks to having parents who’ve had painful trips to the […]

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DentalVibe creators offer helpful suggestions on technique

Dentists who want to prevent patients from experiencing pain caused by needle injections can use DentalVibe — a vibrating tool that helps override pain signals sent to the brain during injections. Proven effective at helping patients feel calm, relaxed, and less anxious during dental visits, DentalVibe is held near injection sites for five seconds before, […]

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DentalVibe helps relieve patient anxiety about painful injections

Most dental patients admit that what they like least about dental appointments are painful injections. Sometimes, patients completely neglect going to the dentist for the sake of avoiding severe pain and discomfort during major dental procedures. However, new dental gadgets that eliminate pain from injections using vibration technology, such as DentalVibe by Bing Innovations LLC, […]

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