Taking the Fear out of Dentistry

More than 30 million
Americans refuse to go to the dentist due to dental
fear or anxiety

What if you could attract more of these patients to your practice, and increase treatment compliance among your current patients, by providing a comfortable, anxiety-free dental experience?

DentalVibe has been proven to change patients’ perception of dental treatment. In fact, 95% of patients who received treatment with DentalVibe say that it has changed the way they view going to the dentist, and many say they wish DentalVibe had been invented sooner so they could have 
received the dental care they needed earlier in life.

How can DentalVibe benefit your dental practice?

Patients who have tried DentalVibe say that if their dentist used the tool, they would be more likely 
to make and keep regular dental appointments, comply with treatment plans, and recommend their dentist to friends and family members. That translates to increased revenue from your current patient base, as well as new patients to help you grow your practice.

Alleviating patient fears and anxiety with DentalVibe can help you:

  • Increase patient satisfaction and compliance
  • Increase referrals from your existing patient base
  • Generate more positive reviews on Google and other online review sites

Parents of pediatric patients are especially appreciative of DentalVibe’s ability to reduce dental fear in their children, making return appointments more enjoyable for the entire family. Many dentists give their DentalVibe a nickname — such as the Tooth Tickler or Mr. Vibe — to make it more appealing for their younger patients.

How is DentalVibe better than shaking the cheek?

On average, dentists who use the “cheek shake” method to help numb the area shake each cheek 
3 times a second for 4 seconds, or a total of 12 shakes per cheek. At an average of 8 patients per day, 
that translates to 1,920 cheek shakes per month, 23,000 cheek shakes annually, and 460,000 cheek shakes in a 20-year career.

DentalVibe vibrates the tissue 160 times per second for 100 seconds, or 16,000 times per patient. 
That equates to 480,000 vibrations in 3 days if you treat 30 patients. That means DentalVibe will 
deliver more vibrations in just 3 days than the number of cheek shakes the average dentist can 
perform in his or her career.

How to win with Google patient reviews

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How to win with Google Patient Reviews

Download our free e-book to learn about attracting and
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