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A Vibration Device to Control
Injection Discomfort

Clinical Study conducted by

Jeffry R. Shaefer, DDS, MS, MPH; Stephanie J. Lee, BS; and Nina K. Anderson, PhD; from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

The aim of this study was to evaluate both the efficacy of DentalVibe in reducing pain and discomfort from intraoral long buccal (LB) and inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) injections and the time needed to achieve complete anesthesia during an IAN block.

Operator preference of retraction method
during anesthesia delivery

Clinical Study conducted by

The University of the Pacific

This study compared the comfort and ease of the retraction method used while delivering an anterior superior alveolar (ASA) injection bilaterally. Surveys given to participants asked about comfort and ease of use of retraction methods, as well as preferred method of retraction during anesthesia delivery.

Effect of DentalVibe Injection System on Pain During Local Anesthesia Injections in Adolescent Patients

Clinical Study conducted by

David Ching, Matthew Finkelman, Cheen Y Loo, Tufts University School of Medicine.

This study compared the pain rating of traditional oral injections without DentalVibe and oral injections with DentalVibe. An observation of 36 different 10- to 17-year old patients concluded DentalVibe significantly lowered the pain rating.

Effects of a vibratory device
on pain from anesthetic injections

Clinical Study conducted by

The U.S. Airforce

This study compared the pain rating for an oral injection in the inferior alveolar nerve block. Twenty patients were asked to rate the pain between an injection with topical anesthetic and an injection with topical anesthetic and a vibratory device. The vibratory device yielded significantly lower pain ratings.

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