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Four Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Posted on September 3, 2019

For most of us, going to the dentist is a very low priority on the to-do list There are probably plenty of things you’d rather do than to do the dentist, right? But regular oral care is really important!

Here are a few easy ways to help you overcome your dental fear, keep those[…]

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Why Do We Have a Fear of Needles, Anyway?

Posted on August 27, 2019

The struggle is real  About 20 million Americans suffer anxiety about needles, otherwise known as belonephobia, which means “fear of needles” in Greek Concerns about dental injections can lead to patients to skip dental care all together

Most people who are afraid of needles don’t understand where their fear comes from Experts believe that[…]

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25 Things I’d Rather Do Than Go To the Dentist

Posted on August 20, 2019

Almost one-third of adult Americans hate going to the dentist  Dental anxiety, fear of needles and concerns about mouth pain are real  In fact, many people say there are quite a few (rather unpleasant) things they’d rather do than go to the dentist!

We asked around…here are twenty-five things some folks would rather do[…]

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How to Banish your Dental Anxiety—Forever

Posted on August 16, 2019

Do you hate going to the dentist? You’re not alone As unpleasant as a dental visit might seem, it’s good to remember that these medical professionals are trained specifically to help you Years of schooling help them to identify and resolve problems that can crop up concerning your teeth

We only get one set[…]

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Why Everyone with Dental Phobia Should Try Painless Injection

Posted on June 15, 2017

Dental phobia is more serious matter than it may seem Many use the term interchangeably, conflating a phobia with ordinary anxieties surrounding dental visits Almost everyone gets nervous when they need to visit a dentist, but dental phobia is much more serious and widespread than mere anxiety Nearly 40 million Americans refuse to go to the dentist due to[…]

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