Will a Dental Needle Hurt? Not Anymore.

Needle injections can make a visit to the dentist much more tense than they need to be. Even if you aren’t suffering from a dental phobia, the prospect of an injection can strike fear into your heart. Unfortunately, many essential procedures require an injection to facilitate treatment. From simple tasks like filling a cavity to more involved ones like a root canal, your dentist must be sure you are properly numb for the rest of your procedure.

In the past, fearful patients have had to suffer painful techniques as they wait for a numbing solution to spread through the site of injection. Luckily, with innovations like DentalVibe’s Comfort Injection System, which can block pain signals from reaching the brain dentists can finally tell their patient that injections will be painless.

Are you curious to see how a dental needle can be pain-free? Read on to learn how this scientifically-proven method can make dentistry a pleasant experience.

Why Dental Injections Usually Hurt

There are a few reasons injections with a traditional dental needle hurt, aside from the obvious fact that having sharp objects penetrate the soft tissue of your mouth (even if briefly) is going to smart. Your whole mouth has a complex network of nerves, and people often forget that teeth, despite their outer coating of resistant enamel, are also part of this network. When you look at the different parts of a tooth, you’ll realize that beyond the mineralized exterior, the tooth, gums and tissue of your mouth are all fairly sensitive to pain (although in different degrees).

Depending on where your dentist injects an anesthetic, your nerves can amplify the sting of the dental needle. Anesthetic also takes time to spread, and sometimes the process is too slow to prevent painful sensations. Dentists traditionally shake the cheek to help the anesthetic spread throughout the injection area, but this isn’t always as effective as dentists (or patients) would like.

Designing a Pain-Free Injection Experience

DentalVibe device is a harmless looking wand with a pronged end called a Comfort Tip, which vibrates gently at the site of the injection. Both adults and children who are afraid of needles don’t have to worry about being triggered by the imposing sight of syringe-like object. This vibration is very important to painless injections because it puts the Gate Control Theory of pain into effect. The theory holds that when you distract the brain with a pleasant sensation while it experiences a painful one simultaneously, the pleasant sensation cancels out the painful one.

When the Comfort Tip stimulates the tissue at the site of injection as the needle simultaneously injects the tissue, the neural pain gate is “closed” and you barely feel anything at all. The anesthetic is also spread throughout the injection site quicker and more efficiently than shaking the cheek does, since the Comfort Tip is able to vibrate the tissue around 16,000 times! DentalVibe is also an affordable system for dentists, making it more accessible for fearful patients.

Evolving and Growing Dentistry

Dentists who use the pain-free DentalVibe needle find that their practice can attract and retain more patients, because nearly 100% of people who experience a painless injection have had their perception of dentistry shift. Patients have wanted a painless treatment option since the beginning of modern dentistry, and now that there is such an option, they want their immediate and extended network to know through social media.

Pain is no longer an unavoidable aspect of the dental experience with DentalVibe!

Find a DentalVibe Dentist

Make dental fear a thing of the past and get the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy! Find a dentist in your area who uses the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System.

Find a DentalVibe dentist!

Find a DentalVibe dentist

Make dental fear a thing of the past and get the treatment you need
to keep your teeth healthy. Find a dentist in your area who uses DentalVibe.