Why Do We Have a Fear of Needles, Anyway?

The struggle is real.  About 20 million Americans suffer anxiety about needles, otherwise known as belonephobia, which means “fear of needles” in Greek. Concerns about dental injections can lead to patients to skip dental care all together.

Most people who are afraid of needles don’t understand where their fear comes from. Experts believe that needle phobia can be caused by a number of underlying issues from past experiences such as:

  • A traumatic or painful experience with needles.

  • Being forced to go through a painful procedure that involved needles.

  • A loss of control due to some form of restraint or force.

  • Witnessing a parent or sibling go through a traumatic event involving needles.

Knowing the cause of your fear may help you address the problem head-on and result in the ultimate goal: to conquer your fears. Seeking professional help is one possible solution. And if you already see a therapist regularly, tackle this topic, as it may be related to some of most complex issues…it may be more than just a pesky aversion to the needles at the dentist.

While you try to get to the root of the problem, here are a few ways to still get the care required for good oral health despite your needle phobia:

  • Find a dentist who understands patient fears. It sounds simple, but asking questions and making your concerns known is important.

  • Speak with your doctor about anti-anxiety medication.

  • Consider laser dentistry. This new advancement in dental technology offers options to perform certain treatments without needles in some cases.

There are many ways to conquer your dental concerns. Phobias and fears are nothing to be ashamed of, and believe it or not—most people you know suffer from some form anxiety. Dentists who use DentalVibe understand dental phobias.  Find a dentist that uses DentalVibe, or suggest DentalVibe to your dentist.  This small tool completely eliminates discomfort from dental injections, which can completely ease dental needle fears.

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