What causes a tooth ache?

Mouth pain and tooth sensitivity can occur for a variety of reasons. While it’s tempting to fear that these discomforts might mean you have a cavity or need a root canal, it is important to remember that not all tooth aches or mouth pain mean big problems.  Let’s take a closer look as some of the common causes of tooth aches and mouth discomfort to learn more.

Tooth sensitivity: Do you experience sharp pain or twinges in your teeth when you sip a hot drink, bite into cold ice cream or consume acidic foods?  Tooth sensitivity is usually caused the thinning of the enamel on the teeth or the thinning or receding of the gums.  This may be caused by diet, some health conditions, improper oral care or other factors.  If you are experiencing this type of tooth pain and sensitivity, it is important to speak to your dentist about treatments that will provide relief.  Special toothpastes, certain mouth washes, avoiding certain foods and other care may be taken to alleviate this discomfort.

Severe tooth ache: If you experience shooting pain when biting down or sharp stabbing pain when chewing, you may have a cracked tooth or even a cavity.  Infections and abscessed teeth can also this kind of extreme pain.  If you have severe pain or see any swelling, redness or discharge around your painful tooth, contact your dentist as soon as possible for further diagnosis, treatment and pain relief. 

Sinus infection: Did you know that some tooth and mouth discomfort really has nothing to do with your teeth at all? If you have dull pain, especially on one side of your mouth, but you have also been experiencing sinus pressure, nasal discharge and tenderness in your sinuses, this can cause discomfort in your teeth and jaws as well.

TMJ: Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw happen for a variety of reasons.  This unique jaw pain may lead you to believe that there is something wrong with one or more of your teeth, when in fact the actual pain stems from the jaw itself.  Tooth grinding, arthritis, cancer of the jaw and other health issues may also cause jaw pain that is not specifically related to a problem with your teeth.

There are many kinds of tooth pain and jaw discomfort that are not caused by tooth decay.  Whether you are experiencing slight pain or severe discomfort, it’s always wise to consult with your dentist for guidance. Your oral health care provider can rule out larger problems and concerns and provide comforting medications, effective treatments or a referral to a partner healthcare provider to further address your needs.  The most important thing to remember is not to suffer in silence.  Mouth pain and tooth aches aren’t fun for anyone, but don’t let your fear of the dentist or anxiety about dental pain stand in your way of getting the help you need. Get to the root of the issue by consulting your dentist for help and guidance so you can find pain relief.

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