Want better dentist-patient relationships? Here’s how to get them

A successful dentistry practice includes a variety of essential components. Excellent training, the latest technology, a skilled staff, and a comfortable setting are just a few of the basics.

Many patients will stay with the dentist who offers them a pain-free injection. Learn how DentalVibe can enhance patient relationships and put you ahead of the competition.

But perhaps one of the most important — and often overlooked — aspects of exceptional dentistry is dentist-patient relationships. After all, patients today have many options for their dental care, and many will stick with the practice that makes them feel valued and connected. Consider these ways to enhance your patients’ loyalty.

Listen more, talk less

Avoid the temptation to talk during the whole appointment or tell patients what you think they need to do. They may feel pressured to undergo treatment they’re not ready for, and could end up avoiding it altogether.

Instead, ask your patients open-ended questions about their dental health goals and concerns. Questions such as, “What is your biggest concern about your dental health?” or “How can we help you to feel great about your smile?” are good places to start. Avoid medical and dental jargon, and talk in simple terms without being condescending. If your patients do more of the talking, they may feel that they made their own decision without pressure or obligation.

Tell the patient why you’re recommending your treatment

If your patient needs a filling, a crown, or oral surgery, they may be feeling confused or overwhelmed. Not only could cost be an issue, but they may be worried about the procedure itself.

Instead of handing them a paper or just telling them next steps, take the time to talk with them about their dental health and how the treatment will help them. Express genuine concern and caring for their well-being, and emphasize the advantages of the procedure. Answer their questions patiently and honestly, and find ways to address their concerns.

Consider what you can offer them to put their mind at ease. Do you have flexible payment plan options? Many patients would be relieved to know if you offer pain relief measures such as the DentalVibe Comfort Injection System.

Never underestimate the value of each interaction

It’s not just the dentist who needs to have a warm, friendly attitude toward patients. In today’s competitive dental market, it’s important that each employee in your practice maintains a positive relationship with your patients so they keep coming back.

If a patient feels a personal connection to those who work in your office, they may be more likely to stick with you. Small details like remembering a first name and greeting them immediately upon entering can go a long way. On the flipside, patients who feel like just another number may be inclined to check out that practice across town.

Great relationships = more patients

The DentalVibe® Comfort Injection System is a great way to help patients feel at ease during their dental appointment and may increase patient retention. Download our free whitepaper, The Benefits of Vibration on Dental Pain and Anxiety, to discover how DentalVibe can benefit your practice.

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