How to Banish your Dental Anxiety—Forever

Do you hate going to the dentist? You’re not alone. As unpleasant as a dental visit might seem, it’s good to remember that these medical professionals are trained specifically to help you. Years of schooling help them to identify and resolve problems that can crop up concerning your teeth.

We only get one set of adult teeth, so taking care of them is key. Plus, the longer you put off going to the dentist, the closer you are to running the risk of developing big problems with your gums, your nerves, or worst of all: your bones.  Even though dental visits are at the bottom of most people’s to-do lists, the more regularly you visit the dentist, the less trouble you’ll have to in the long run. There are several ways you can banish dental anxiety so you can take charge of your dental health.

A good start to crushing dental anxiety is to arrive early for your appointment. Early arrival allows you to make your anxiety known to the receptionist or dental hygienist before you see the dentist. They can help take care of while you wait.

Enlisting support can make a big difference. For most dental visits in adult life, you’ve probably gone alone. As a child your parent took you to the dentist and probably accompanied you into the exam room or sat in the chair with you. As an adult, the company of someone who makes you feel safe and relaxed may help change the feelings you have about going to the dentist. The more comfortable you feel, the less intimidated and anxious you’ll be about going.

TVs are available in most exam rooms. Use them! Often the dentist will have the news on or something else you can look at to distract yourself. It doesn’t hurt to ask the office staff to show something you enjoy during your visit.

Does your dentist use DentalVibe?  This small, electric handheld tool allows dentists and hygienists to administer numbing shots and other needed dental injections without any pain.  For many patients, dental anxiety is caused by fear of dental needles or worry about numbing shots. Choose a dentist that utilizes DentalVibe, or ask your dentist to acquire the tool for his office.

Dental anxiety is something that impacts millions of Americans each year, but by employing these easy tactics and making sure your dentist uses DentalVibe, you can conquer your fear of the dentist. Easing your dental anxiety will not only help your dental health, but will benefit your overall wellness and body health as well. 

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