Four Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

For most of us, going to the dentist is a very low priority on the to-do list. There are probably plenty of things you’d rather do than to do the dentist, right? But regular oral care is really important!

Here are a few easy ways to help you overcome your dental fear, keep those cavities at bay and add “go to the dentist” back to your to-do list.

Try employing relaxation exercises

Simple meditation (there are many free apps available!) before your next dental visit can set you up for a more peaceful experience in the dentist chair. Bring your headphones and phone to listen to a podcast or music…this can be a great way to give you something else to focus on. Or bring a stress ball to squeeze and squish during your appointment.

Don’t do it all at once

If you have more than one dental procedure that’s needed, you might ben tempted to do as much as possible during one appointment to avoid multiple visits. But it’s much more peaceful to take the opposite approach: start with less stressful procedures first, like a cleaning or check-up. Tackling dental care one item at a time and spacing out appointments can prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

No time for trust issues

This is probably the most important thing to help you conquer your dental phobia: find a dentist you feel comfortable with…one you feel you can trust. When selecting a dentist, explain your fears. Make it known you are looking for a little help overcoming your anxiety.

Ask for other options

If none of these other methods help you, there are other options like dental sedation for certain procedures. Above all else, your dentist wants you to be comfortable. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for him or her to do their job.

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