All About Dental Sealants

Regular brushing and flossing are important to maintain good oral health. And frequent visits to the dentist for checkups ensure that you keep your mouth in the best shape possible. Recurrent checkups can also help oral health care providers detect problems early, preventing more painful, more complex and more expensive treatments.

Although regular brushing and flossing help keep your teeth free from decay, many dentists recommend dental sealants as an additional layer of protection. Dental sealants are very commonly used in children, and will frequently be applied before a patient has braces or other orthodontic appliances placed in the mouth, since thorough mouth cleaning is challenging with the addition of these sometimes-complex pieces.

What are sealants? Dental sealants are applied in a liquid form, painted on the teeth and allowed to dry into a hardened coating. Sealants contain a safe resin or plastic-type material that provides a protective barrier on the teeth.

Who benefits from sealants? Although sealants are frequently applied on the teeth of children, sealants can be effective for patients of all ages.  Sealants provide extra protection for teeth with deep ridges and pits and create an extra barrier for those with braces, other orthodontics or crowded teeth.

How long do they last? A Centers for Disease Control report states that dental sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities for two years after application, and that they continue to protect against 50 percent of cavities for up to four years. Depending on the patient, some sealants can be retained in the mouth for up to nine years.  Your dentist or oral health care provider will check the condition of sealants regularly and advise if reapplication is needed.

Dental sealants are a safe, quick and painless way to add an extra layer of protection to the teeth. While they are most frequently applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth – including molars – your dentist or orthodontist may suggest sealants for other teeth as well, depending upon you situation. In addition to proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, dental sealants can help protect your teeth from decay, cavities and other concerns.  It is important to make the time to take good care of your oral health.  To learn more about painless dental procedures, visit to find a DentalVibe dentist near you.

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