3 Benefits of Pain-Free Dental Procedures

Dentistry has certainly come a long way from the old days of dental procedures that drove away patients with a low pain tolerance or who suffered from fears and phobias related to injections usually involved in those procedures. With the inexpensive and state-of-the-art painless solution of DentalVibe’s Comfort Injection System patients are finding that they are receiving all sorts of benefits from pain-free dentistry.

DentalVibe’s device uses the pleasant sensation of gentle vibration to stimulate patients’ gums and close the neural pain gate to the sting of needle injections. The vibration also spreads the numbing agent more effectively throughout the site of injection, so that the whole dental procedure is painless.

Have you been curious about what some of the other benefits of having pain-free dental procedures are? Well you’re in the right place. Find below three rewarding experiences that are the result of removing pain from the equation.

1. Your Dentist-Patient Relationship Improves

Right off the bat, when you have a painless alternative offered to you at your dentist’s practice, it improves your dentist-patient relationship. You know how much your dentist cares about your comfort and how you are adversely affected by your dental anxieties. Giving you the option of pain-free dental procedures shows that your dentist listened to your feedback and actively incorporated these procedures into his practice to accommodate you and all other patients he serve with similar fears and phobias.

Dentists have long struggled with the contradictory nature of administering injections, not wanting to have to hurt patients to help them through their vital procedures. Now they can focus on giving you the treatments you need to keep your oral health, which is connected to your overall health, in tip-top shape.

Patients who have experienced pain-free dentistry want to make sure they refer everyone they know who is struggling to make their dentist appointments, and as a result, dentists find their practices grow more than ever before. A dentist practice can only be successful if it is patient-centric, in addition to having the three ‘P’s of dentistry in order (performance, productivity, and profitability)!

2. Your Acceptance of Treatment Is Greater

When you don’t have to fear your dental procedures, you’ll find treatment (whether for oral health or cosmetic enhancement) is much easier to accept. With no barriers of discomfort in the way, getting an implant done or a crown put on your tooth is a simpler, more carefree process.

Thirty to forty million Americans avoid dental treatment because of their intense fears and phobias of injections during treatment. Despite this statistic, nearly a hundred percent of patients who have experienced pain-free procedures using DentalVibe say that it has changed their perception of the dental space.

A lot of the time, patients who are dealing with phobias and anxiety need pretreatment conditioning to help re-contextualize their perspectives of visiting the dentist. But the option of painless needle injections immediately goes a long way to helping recondition patients’ perspectives, making their fears a thing of the past.

3. Your Quality of Life Is Better

Since your cardiovascular health is connected to your oral health, you’ll find that being able to regularly follow up on your dental appointments will do wonders for your quality of life. When there’s no hesitation involved in getting diagnosed and treated for serious mouth diseases that can be nipped in the bud, you and all other patients who might be avoiding treatment will stand a better chance of catching more dire conditions early!

Just think, someone in your network might have early stage oral cancer and could have life-saving treatment just in time because of what pain-free dentistry offers.

What do you think? These benefits are not only a guarantee for the elimination of stress in the dental chair, they are revolutionary in giving all fearful patients a chance to optimize their oral health.

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Make dental fear a thing of the past and get the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy! Find a dentist in your area who uses the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System.

Find a DentalVibe dentist!

Find a DentalVibe dentist

Make dental fear a thing of the past and get the treatment you need
to keep your teeth healthy. Find a dentist in your area who uses DentalVibe.