25 Things I’d Rather Do Than Go To the Dentist

Almost one-third of adult Americans hate going to the dentist.  Dental anxiety, fear of needles and concerns about mouth pain are real.  In fact, many people say there are quite a few (rather unpleasant) things they’d rather do than go to the dentist!

We asked around….here are twenty-five things some folks would rather do than go to the dentist:

  1. Drink the daily recommended amount of water.
  2. Tackle the task of putting new staples in a stapler.
  3. Call mom.
  4. Start collecting Beanie Babies.
  5. Walk to work.
  6. Weed a garden.
  7. Help grandmother with her Wi-Fi.
  8. Drive to work with the AC off.
  9. Be your emergency contact.
  10. Drive you to the airport.
  11. Trade in my Smart TV for one with a “built-in VCR”.
  12. Eat only mustard for a week.
  13. Take the stairs. Every time.
  14. Paint my house. By myself.
  15. Watch every season and franchise of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Yep, even Kocktails with Khloe.
  16. Care for a houseplant.
  17. Wait in line at the post office.
  18. Become a vegan.
  19. Become a vegan who talks about being a vegan.
  20. Pay bills.
  21. Go to your child’s dance recital. Go to all your child’s dance recitals.
  22. Try dog food.
  23. Or, try cat food!
  24. Explain what “offsides” means.
  25. Stay in my lane, physically and metaphorically.

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