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Get a Beautiful Smile This Summer with an Easy, White-Teeth Diet

Posted on Jun 05, 2012 by DentalVibe
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Get a Beautiful Smile This Summer with an Easy, White-Teeth Diet

When it comes time to go to the dentist, are you afraid? There are many people out there that suffer from a dental phobia and often this fear stems from a painful experience with a needle. If you don't go to the dentist, though, your

Want to look better this summer but not ready to start another crash diet, only to have all that weight come back again? Let your teeth diet instead! An attractive smile can do as much for your personal appearance as a form-fitting bathing suit this summer, and you won't have to work nearly as hard to get your teeth in top shape. Sure, a healthy diet and exercise are the keys to long-term weight loss and should be a part of your daily lifestyle, but what you eat can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the whiteness of your teeth too.

Follow these tips for a "grinner dinner" diet and you'll be on your way to a noticeably pearlier smile.

When it comes to tooth color and your daily grub, there are some foods that are sure to darken your teeth (bad!) and others that will actually make them whiter (good!), and those latter foods are our not-so-dirty little secret for a powerful white tooth diet. But before we start chowing down on those smile-loving meals, let's cross the major stainers off your grocery list.

The Enamel No-No List: Foods and Drinks That Stain, Darken, and Yellow Your Teeth

Soda's the first thing you'll want to set aside to keep your teeth looking their best. Whether you call them soft drinks, fizzy drinks, pop, or just plain "Coke," carbonated beverages take a harsh toll on the color of your teeth (and on a lot else in your body, for that matter). That's especially true for the ones ending in "-Cola," largely because they tend to be the darkest ones.

For that matter, dark drinks in general are the most likely to wear away the enamel coating on your teeth. Makes sense, right? Dark drinks produce dark teeth. That means that black tea, coffee, and dark juices are all enemies of a shiny smile. But don't worry, you don't have to give up your morning caffeine "fix" just to fend off a yellow grin. Simply add some milk to your coffee or opt for lighter teas (more on that in a moment) and you'll not only weaken the stain effect, you'll be taking in nutrients that are healthy for your teeth too. 

Okay, dark drinks and soda are dropped from your list... you're good to go, right? Well, you're off to a great start, but don't forget a few foods that might be brighter in color but nevertheless white-fighting toward your teeth: red wine, for instance, and tomato sauce and gravy. Artificial dyes are bad news too, as is balsamic vinaigrette. 

And it goes without saying that you shouldn't be smoking anything. 

But now that you're well behaved and avoiding all the enamel no-no's, what foods can you eat to be proactive in whitening your teeth? Here are the easy "teeth diet" secrets that will arm you with great dental health and a beautiful smile.

The White-Teeth Diet: Secret Foods and Drinks to Whiten Your Smile

Fruits come first. It may be no surprise to you that nature's own sweet treats -- that is, fruit -- are among the most powerful whitening agents in all of the food world. Apples, pears, oranges, and strawberries are all good for tooth health. Experts in cosmetic dentistry even recommend rubbing an orange peel or strawberry over your teeth, followed by a rinse of water. (Borboa, Michele, "The best foods for white teeth.", 8/3/11. Web.).

And if fruits were an obvious tooth booster, vegetables should be no shocker either. In particular, crunchy or unprepared vegetables help because their abrasive texture can scrape plaque and bacteria away. The same goes for fruit with a rougher or crunchier exterior. Cooked vegetables will have smoother surfaces, so they're less likely to be effective. Carrots, celery, and cauliflower are all recommended. 

Fruits and vegetables trigger saliva, and saliva fights against tooth stain. Keeping a moist mouth with healthy foods to trigger saliva production will help your body do the whitening work for itself. Sugarless gum can help trigger saliva too. 

Some squeezable fruits' juices work as well. Lemon juice is particularly beneficial... it lightens teeth just like it does with hair! Mix a teaspoon with a pinch of salt or baking soda and then rub it on your teeth (or eat a lemon by itself if you can stand the sour kick). Likewise, mix apple cider vinegar with baking soda and rub it on your teeth to wage war against the harmful, yellowing effects of acidic foods. With both lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, be sure not to use too much to avoid causing your teeth and gums excessive sensitivity. (Ninomiya, Kent, "Foods That Whiten Teeth.", 10/1/09. Web.).

Finally, light teas can actually promote good tooth health. You don't necessarily want to swish with it, but drinking white or green tea can have numerous benefits for your body -- good tooth care and comfort among them. Cold teas are better than hot, as the cooler temperatures will avoid opening your teeth's pores and damaging their enamel.

A White-Teeth Dental Care Eating System is One Diet You Can Comfortably Keep

As you can see, a white teeth diet is a lot simpler than a weight-loss one. No calorie counting, no liquid fasts, no trendy binges. Sure, you want to live a well-balanced lifestyle every day of the year for overall great body health, but even small adjustments in your diet can make a big difference in the radiance of your smile. By easing off some foods and adding in others, you can fight bacteria and stains and promote a big, bright white for your dental health. And if you feel you can't possibly do without all the foods on our naughty list, check back for our next entry to learn little steps you can take to diminish the harmful effects of tooth-unfriendly foods!

problems could become much worse. With DentalVibe, you can overcome your fears and achieve a clean bill of dental health

There are no two ways about it: seeing the dentist every so often prevents tooth decay and helps your teeth look whiter and your breath smell better. Cavities can be filled before they become missing teeth, plaque can be removed so teeth are whiter and cleaner and root canals and extractions can be performed to keep patients from truly serious infections and even death. Without dental services, many smiles would not be so pretty to look at and, in fact, could hurt the people that had to live with them. That is why dental health is so important to keep up with. 

If you find yourself putting off appointments and freezing up every time you hear the word dentist, then your mouth could be suffering lasting damage. Needles are not considered pleasant by most people, but if you are so afraid the of sharp, pointy objects going into your mouth that you neglect your dental health, you may end up with much worse than some momentary pain and numbness-- you could end up with unattractive gaping teeth. 

With DentalVibe, you can work through your fears. DentalVibe is a tool which distracts patients from the pain of injection through a simple mixture of motion and vibration. You won't even notice that you got a shot until it's over, enabling you to visit the dentist with confidence again. 

Don't leave your dental health in your own hands...put it back in the hands of professionals with DentalVibe.

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