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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: New Developments Eliminate the Pain and Horror of a Trip to the Dentist

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 by DentalVibe
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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself:  New Developments Eliminate the Pain and Horror of a Trip to the Dentist

"Like pulling teeth." It's one of our favorite idioms, and for good reason... going to the dentist can hurt! Or at least that used to be the case.

In recent years, the once-dreaded dentist visit has evolved into a relatively pain-free experience, thanks in large part to new developments in technology and the doctor-patient relationship. Dentists have embraced new tools and techniques to take away the discomfort, affliction, and fear once associated with a trip to "the tooth doctor."

Painless dentistry is now made possible by a few major product advancements, not to mention a better understanding among dentists of the psychological perspective of their patients.

Injection Comfort Systems Provide New Alternative to Old Sedation Dentistry

On the scientific side, one key revolution is the development of pain-free injection. It might sound like an oxymoron or too good to be true, but in fact, a growing number of dental practices are now offering patients a product that literally eliminates the pain of oral injections. The revolutionary device is called DentalVibe, a total "injection comfort system" that is capable of doing what was once considered impossible: completely eradicating the pain felt from intra-oral injections. The very idea would have been tantamount to fantasy a decade ago, but is now heralded as a scientific breakthrough.

Patients have long reported that much of their fear surrounding the dentist stems from the prospect of receiving painful shots. Anyone who's had their teeth worked on in the last several decades can probably relate. It isn't uncommon that a dentist will need to administer multiple shots within a single area of a patient's mouth during one visit, typically relying on numbing or sedation dentistry to manage the pain. Numbing merely reduces the sensation of pain, however, and the numbing experience is itself no walk in the park. Sedation, meanwhile, strikes many patients as an extreme, unpleasant, and unwanted procedure, especially for what they see as a routine dental visit.

Pain-Free Injections Make for Fear-Free Patients

Given the choice between being sedated or simply skipping their dental appointment, many patients have opted for the latter. There's a widespread wariness of that "knocked-out" feeling that sedation dentistry is known for. Fortunately, DentalVibe dispenses with numbing and sedation dentistry altogether, keeping patients alert and awake while using gentle vibration to completely block the sensation of pain in the first place.

In that sense, the advent of pain-free injection is probably as notable for tackling patients' fears as it is for eradicating their pain. At any rate, it sure beats the olden practice of just pulling and shaking a patient's lip to distract them as the needles go in! Pain-free injection takes vibration to the next level, so those days of your dentist flapping your lips around are gone.

Dentists are also going to new lengths to improve their patients' psychological experience, and in the days ahead, we'll take a look at some of those efforts in a new article. But no matter how well-adjusted the context of dentistry becomes, in the patient's mind, it's the injection itself that causes much of their emotional distress.

Fortunately, the rise of pain-free injections puts an end to dentistry's long needle nightmare at last.

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