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For years many people chose not to go to the dentist because they were afraid. What if they had a cavity and needed an injection? This was very scary for many people.

Through breakthrough technology DentalVibe® was created, and now going to the dentist is anxiety free. Many patients have reported that when their dentist uses this device it takes away the pain of the injection. DentalVibe® creates a vibration on the gum tissue that sends a signal to the sensory area of the brain. The brain focuses on the vibration not on the injection.

Patients can now return without fear or anxiety. Many patients tell their friends and family about their pleasant experience. In many cases dentists have gained new patients and a reputation for virtually pain-free injections.

Going to the dentist is now an easy and anxiety free experience.

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Jane Soxman
Dr. Jane Soxman Says

For most children and their parents, the 'shot' is one of the greatest fears regarding treatment. After demonstrating the DentalVibe, parents are more relaxed and grateful for this additional effort to assure their child's comfort. The DentalVibe reduces or eliminates any discomfort. Our parents give it an A+ rating, and the children agree!

John Comisi
Dr. John C. Comisi Says

The DentalVibe has been an incredible asset for my practice. Patients, even the most fearful ones, are no longer concerned about having a dental procedure. They know the dental shots are no longer going to hurt them because of the DentalVibe. I always thought I gave a good dental injection, with the DentalVibe, I give a GREAT one!

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Very easy to use. Keep up the excellent work. DentalVibe is the real deal! thanks #painfree

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About Us & What we do

Invented By a Dentist, for Dentists

BING Innovations, Provider of the DentalVibe.

BING Innovations, provider of the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System, was founded for one purpose: to research and develop cutting-edge products that improve the care experience for both patients and health professionals.

To that end, the company has partnered with inspired individuals in the dental, medical, engineering and design worlds to bring major innovations like DentalVibe to market. The proprietary VibraPulse technology behind DentalVibe has many applications throughout healthcare, which are currently being developed by the company.

Dr. Goldberg first recognized the challenges of the pain associated with dental injections during his years as a student at NYU College of Dentistry. "My passion for the alleviation of injection pain began when I had to deliver my very first local anesthetic as a student," he remembers. "I had a patient in the endo clinic that was already in pain, and the first thing I had to do was to inflict additional pain on my patient as I administer the anesthetic. So I thought, there's got to be a better way to deliver an injection without pain."

Based on Dr's Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall's Gate Control Theory of Pain, Dr. Goldberg invented, patented and formed Bing Innovations LLC, to bring to market the revolutionary DentalVibe Injection Comfort System with VibraPulse technology, a dental instrument that eliminates the pain of dental injections.

He has received the ultimate compliment for his efforts: “You’ve found an interesting and clinically useful way to diminish pain! Good for you!” Best wishes, Dr. Ronald Melzack

Dr. Goldberg is actively touring the United States, lecturing and educating faculty, residents and pre-doctoral students at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Tufts, Boston University, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, University of the Pacific, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, USC, Nova Southeastern and other top dental schools on Pain Management and the benefits of patient comfort with DentalVibe.

He has appeared as an expert on ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, News12 on Health Connecticut, Hola TV, Health Update Atlantic City, and others.

He is a contributing author in DentistryIQ.com, The Huffington Post, NewBeauty.com, EverydayHealth.com, Medical Design Technology, and has been featured on the front page of the Sun Sentinel newspaper, front page Staten Island Advance Newspaper, South Florida Business Journal, Palm Beach Gardens magazine, New Dentist Magazine, Palm Beach Society Magazine, Dentistry Today, Dental Tribune, Inside Dentistry, Journal of Oral Health Canada, SHAPE magazine, NEW YOU magazine, MORE magazine, Scholastic Parent & Child magazine and many others.

The fear of pain is universal, and according to many credible sources, the number one reason that tens of millions of people avoid going to the dentist. According to Dr. Goldberg, dentistry doesn't hurt, injections do. He looks at dentistry from the patient's perspective. What are they thinking while laying back in the dental chair, staring at the ceiling, that is; please don't hurt me. With the use of DentalVibe, the fear, anxiety and pain of going to the dentist will be diminished and the perception of dentistry will be changed forever from one of pain, to pain free.