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Dr. Peter Hwang
10-21-2014Gregory R
Had 3 cavities filled and added a pain

Dr. Ming-Jer Chou
10-21-2014Terri S
I thought it was a pretty good experience. Instead of the sharp pain of a needle, it took 30 seconds of vibration before the numbness set in.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
10-21-2014Erica B
My experience was pain free.I felt comfortable I all Mose slept away. Thank you.

Dr. Quynh-Anh Pham
10-21-2014Gino G
I had to repair three caries on the same side. When my dentist had to anesthesize me, everything wnt well and I didn't felt anything

Dr. Frank Kung
10-21-2014Samuel K
Simply amazing

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
10-21-2014Ojal S
I am really sensitive to pain and usually my experiences to the dentist meant that i had to deal with a great deal of pain. Since being exposed to the Dental Vibe with Dr Seeberan, my experience is now pain free and more enjoyable.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
10-21-2014Pooran S
Procedure was done effectively and efficiently. It was a pleasure having a pain free extraction. No more fears of going to the dentist.

Dr. Mark Liberati
Today the injection discomfort experience was reduced, but not totally gone. My dentist indicated that with the procedure and location that the Dental Vibe might not totally eliminate the discomfort, but it did reduce it somewhat.

Dr. David Towne
10-21-2014McKenzie M
I recently had two filling done, and Dr. Towne used the dental vibe to inject the anaesthesia. During the injection I felt absolutely no pain. It was amazing what the dental vibe did to reduce the pain of the injection!

Dr. Danny Chacko
10-21-2014Michael H

Dr. Everett Eklund
10-21-2014Graziella P

Dr. Gerald Gardner
10-21-2014Maria V

Dr. Willie Hammontree
10-21-2014Grady P
Great ! I'm sitting in the chair now waiting on it to kick in, but the shot was almost imperceptible with the dentalvibe.

Dr. Chukym Alexis-Johnson
10-20-2014clayton b
dental vibe has made a great difference.I wish they had this product 20 years ago. Made a great difference. Thank You

Dr. Robert Harelick
10-20-2014Paula T
I am a patient of Dr. Robert Harlick he introduced the dental vibe to me because I have a lot of anxiety going to the dentist and getting fills or any work. He used the dental vibe and the anxiety went away! I'm not afraid because Dr. Harlick uses the dental vibe I don't feel no needle it's great!!! Thank you best invention ever!!!! I'm not afraid no more due to dental vibe!!!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-20-2014Carol S
I liked the feeling of the vibration on the side of my cheek, while I was being injected hopefully with Novocaine in a needle three times in my mouth on the same side. The vibes sort of relaxed me and did not make the pain very noticeable.

Dr. Terrence Lau
10-20-2014Debbie B
I love the dental-vibe tool!!Dr.Lau used this on me during my injections to get numb for a sinus lift and it worked like a charm! I didn't feel the pain of the needle almost at all-much less pain and discomfort because my dentist used the dental vibe on me!!! thank you for making this product!!

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-20-2014Steven M
The pinch which I would normally experience when receiving a Novacain injection was greatly diminished with the use of the subject device.creating a much better, general dental experience. Thank you.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-20-2014elva o
I had a deep cleaning it didnt hurt a bit thank you doc and your staff

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-20-2014elva o
I had a painless appointment thanks doc and your staff awesone cleaning

Dr. Luis Calixto
10-20-2014stephanie l

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-20-2014jim s

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-20-2014Jenn N
I liked it because it made the shot less painful and distracts you from what else is going on in your mouth.

Dr. Brian Allen
10-20-2014Camila R
I was very impressed. I did not notice the needle going and while it was in I just concentrated on the vibration. I told my husband that only a few dentist have this machine, so he said 'I will have to go to your dentist then for my next check up.' thank you so much for this product, and I will mention it to other people I know who do dental work. Hopefully they will buy it for their offices too.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-20-2014Jewel B
Used the Vibe this morning for 2 fillings. It was Great!!

Dr. Andrew La
10-20-2014Kirk K
Painless! It was great!

Dr. Jennifer Psota Dougherty
10-20-2014Abbey R
I just received novacaine at the dentist and didn't feel a thing! The dental vibe completely hid the pain from the needle and made the experience so much better.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-20-2014Christine C
Worked awesome! Zero pain, definitely will want to use for any other procedures.

Dr. Clive Hamilton
10-20-2014gaye c

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-20-2014Ray M
The dentalvibe removed nearly all the pain from the injection. The upper teeeth have always been very painful to receive numbing injections and have discouraged me from going to the dentist. However, that is no longer the case

Dr. Christopher McCash
10-20-2014David H
Cleaning and fillings doctor was very good with all aspects of service

Dr. Robert Piedalue
10-19-2014Rachel H
I have had a lot of dental work done and would never have anymore done without using DentalVibe! It is totally pain free!! Try it once and you will never have it done any other way!

Dr. Larry Hoyt
10-19-2014Brandi B
Knowing the Dental Vibe eliminates the pain of getting on oral shot lowers my anxiety level.

Dr. Larry Hoyt
10-19-2014Brandi B
I didn't have pain when I was given my numbing shot. Once I realized there was no pain it really lowered my anxiety.

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-19-2014anthony s
I've experienced the straight shot, the gentle pricks, then the shot. But this by far the best way to numb the area before the dental procedure. THE PAINLESS WAY TO FEEL NO PAIN.

Dr. Dat Nguyen
10-19-2014Michael W
I grew up going to a dentist who was bad with children and every visit was extremely painful. Naturally I developed a fear of dental work and avoided the dentist as long as I could. Once I started going back I was amazed at the technical innovation in the industry in the past 5 years. The Dental Vibe is an amazing product that helps people like me get over our fears of visiting the dentist. Thank you!

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
10-19-2014Sam P
Great painless dental experience!!

Dr. Dat Nguyen
10-19-2014Carole R
Basically pain free no pain after treatment was complete either. Didn't have to take any pain pills at all. My dentist is fantastic!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-19-2014Joe N
Always a comfort when her and her staff take care of me,even when I come in under distress they are able to comfort my pain and take care of my problems.I have recently learned how to properly floss through the time and care they took to show me the correct way to take care of my gums with the new options available.I recently had a front tooth repaired that has put a sparkle in my eye and brought back some of the postiveness I can carry into a room.Thanks!like always,you answered that call for help a few years back and I thank you!

Dr. Willie Hammontree
10-18-2014Ronald H
The procedure was completely pain free. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
10-18-2014Cathy-Ann C
It was definitely a pain and nerve wrecking free experience!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
10-18-2014Sharon S
After being afraid of the painful experiences with Dentist< I was quite surprised that there was minimal pain this time.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-18-2014Michealanne O
My visit, with Dr Jeffery Hadley in Las Vegas, WAS pain free. He used the Dentalvibe while giving me the shots. This did prevent the shots from hurting. I was very grateful for the added protection.

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-18-2014Kim H
Root Canal by Dr. Liberati.

Dr. Videsh Deshmukh
10-18-2014Christina C
I haven't had a chance to use the DentalVibe, but the rules say no purchase necessary so... Dr. Deshmukh is a very good Periodontist though!

Dr. John Blattner
10-18-2014jennifer t
I was a little nervous at first, but with the dentalvibe, I didn't even feel the shot! It was great! I recommend it for any one that may have a fear of needles or dental work!

Dr. Ross Quartano
10-17-2014Kelly M
It was a great experience! I am an anxious patient and didn't even feel the needle going in at all while getting a root canal because of dental vibe! I'll definitely be going back.

Dr. Jason Niegsch
10-17-2014Amy L
This tool is amazing and I'm so thankful that my dentist uses it because I have a lot more work that needs to be done and I hate those needles!

Dr. Nick Kavouklis
10-17-2014David A
Worked great did not feel the needle at all.

Dr. Armen Mardirossian
10-17-2014Enrique A
Painless experience, I highly recommend A. Mardirossian to all, go USC !

Dr. Lana Atchley
10-17-2014Angela R
WOW!!!! Probably sounds nuts to say that I loved the experience but in comparison to past gum injections....I loved it!!! Suggestion: a similar tool to be used in the ear area to distract from the sounds of the drill and such. Naturally, it would be able to mute when Dentist needs to give instructions during procedure...perhaps voice sensitive.

Dr. Jeff Kim
10-17-2014Gary D
I felt the vibration was too strong and only masked the pain about 1/2 compared to the swabbing technique. Maybe like a TENS unit there could be adjustment to frequency and intensity. My gums felt "slightly abused" for about 20 minutes afterward. THANKS for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-17-2014Dennis S
The Dentavibe worked like a charm. I felt no pain at all while Dr Schneider initiated the surgery.

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
10-17-2014Barbara K
I had a LANAP treatment performed and I was pleasantly surprised how painless it was. I was extremely nervous about this but the staff at Dr. Schoenenberger's office were so helpful and friendly that they put me at ease. Dr. Schoenenberger explained everything and made me feel at ease and calm. The worse part was the numbing which he also made painless. I'd refer him to anyone needing this procedure. I've never experienced such an organized, comfortable and efficient visit to an appointment that could be very uncomfortable. Its the day after my procedure and I feel great and there's no need for any pain pills.

Dr. Lana Atchley
10-17-2014willi m
pain free experience

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-16-2014Robert R
I felt no pain during my dental visit.

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-16-2014Lynne C
Dr. Schneider's use of the DentalVibe while simultaneously injecting the medication to numb the gum, completely eliminated the sensation of the needle or the pressure of the medication going into the tissue. That began a pain free extraction, bone graft, and sutures....won't procrastinate so long for the next procedure!

Dr. Jerome Kayatta
10-16-2014Willis H
Went in for tooth pain. Turned out they had to remove it. Always been uneasy with needles but the vibe made me not even notice the prick and I was numb in no time

Dr. Stanley Ahn
10-16-2014Juan M
Had a crown replaced and didn't feel a thing, totally painless using DentalVibe!

Dr. Scott Nakahara
10-16-2014Jessica Y
My son was nervous like usual but looked relieved to not experience pain! Yay!

Dr. Lana Atchley
10-16-2014Ronald L
One of best pain-free dental experience I ever had. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-16-2014Jeryl M
Pain-Free Experience

Dr. James Ball
10-16-2014Jonathan D
Virtually pain free shots. Overall it is a great tool and I would recommend it.

Dr. Selma Yucedal
10-16-2014Robert M
No Pain, Best Cleaning Ever!

Dr. Steven Stec
10-16-2014Zachary T
My 5 year old daughter did it without crying. My first time was amazing. No pain!

Dr. Roy Smith III
10-16-2014Robert B
Dr. Smith at Rocky Ridge Dental Associates used the Dentalvibe device during a crown procedure. He used it to desensitive the gum prior to injection. A completely different (an pleasant) sensation and no pain from the needle. This device is a simple but highly effective tool. I imagine it would make "needle fear" a non issue for both adults and especially children. I wish I had thought of it!Bob Beaty

Dr. Roy Smith III
10-16-2014John L
Pain Free. Dr Smith always has the latest in new technology and this is one great new tool. I never even felt the needle.

Dr. Steven Stec
10-16-2014Velda B
Tooth Filled

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-16-2014Monica E
I like it since it decreases the sting of the shot.

Dr. Janet Wolery
10-16-2014Kelli L
Nice people and stayed on schedule! Was in and out in no time:0

Dr. Jerome Kayatta
10-16-2014Aleksander S
… surpassingly very comfortable, no pain at all ...

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-15-2014William J
1 crown removed and 2 temporary crowns placed in preparation for a bridge.

Dr. Stanley Ahn
10-15-2014Ewelina A
The mouth vibrating device and the tapping on my arm made my visit at a dentist much more pleasant.

Dr. Ian Topelson
10-15-2014Gloria A
I had a perfect expirence at Topelson dentistry! I was able to schedule my appointment at a convienent time that worked with my work schedule not to mention staff is super nice and welcoming! Dr. Topelson wasn't in a rush to move on to the next patient and was really nice! Overall had a great expirence and glad I came to this office!

Dr. Adam Chen
10-15-2014Benjamin L
Great. Awesome. Spectacular.

Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu
10-15-2014eddie A
Very comfortable! Way less pain then without. . Dr. Krupakar Reddy was very good

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-15-2014cathy s
I had a filling on October 15, 2114, and didn't feel the shot at all. I will never go to a dentist that doesn't have the dentalvibe.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-15-2014Matthew S
I didn't feel a thing with the new vibrating tool to not feel the needle go in at all, that makes it a lot easier on me and i'm 14.

Dr. Chukym Alexis-Johnson
10-15-2014Barry R
I hardly felt anything with the vibrator

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-15-2014Kimberly H
Awesome, didn't feel a thing. Thumbs up for dentalvibe.

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson
10-15-2014Jamie B
I was so scared going into Dr. Robertsons office. I have a fear of needles. My body was trembling and sweat was pouring off my body and my heart was beating out of control. They placed the dental vibe in my mouth and proceeded with the shot. To my amazement I didnt feel a thing! ! The experience couldn't have been better! So greatful!

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
10-15-2014Kyle J
Totally painless application and Dr. Jonathan is awesome :)

Dr. Willie Hammontree
10-15-2014Daphne S
I had a filling on 10/14/14, and my dentist used the DentalVibe which made the experience of receiving the shot virtually painless. In fact, it was a very calming and relaxing experience. Now I won't dread receiving a shot on any future dental appointments that I have.

Dr. Lee Cohen
10-15-2014Stephen L
Dr Lee Cohen is an amazing doctor, He has a terrific personality and manner. His work is second to none. Painless, comfortable procedures. His office environment and his staff are just top notch. Kudos to Dr Cohen and staff... best regards

Dr. Nick Kavouklis
10-15-2014David A
Worked great I did not feel the injection at all.

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
10-15-2014Terry W
I found it comfortable and painless for my injection. It saves time for the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Amber Wiebe
10-14-2014Clovis d
The experience was painless and Dr Wiebe was great

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-14-2014Melinda J
It actually helped the pain.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-14-2014Melinda J
It actually helped the pain.

Dr. Loretta McKelvey
10-14-2014Melvin C
Had a delightful visit for a tooth extraction today. Very Professional and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Quynh-Anh Pham
10-14-2014Marie-Chantal L
Amazing! I felt a little sensation at the beginning but after a couple of seconds, I felt nothing. Thank you it works!

Dr. James Wallace
10-14-2014Ernest m
Was used in roof of mouth where I usually feel significant discomfort. But,with the dental vibe I felt almost no pain .. much better than without

Dr. Gloria Clarke
10-14-2014Ronald W
It was great and I will be coming back.

Dr. Phillip Frist
10-14-2014Alyssa H
The Dental Vibe was great! It distracted me from the potentially painful work I was having done, and made the entire experience much more enjoyable!!

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-14-2014Toni G
Wonderful, took the pain away from getting a shot

Dr. Maritza Lazcano
10-14-2014Isis A
Very happy with office staff

Dr. Brian Allen
10-14-2014jenny m
It was painless and the First dental experience in the twenty years i have been undergoing dental work I did not cry or have anxiety over the experience! Thank you! Thank you! I will highly recommend this product!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-14-2014Carolyn M
I liked it very much!

Dr. Linda Sarett
10-14-2014Nancy T
Easy injection. Significantly less painful.

Dr. Michelle Deutch
10-14-2014Suzanne L
I am not a fan of getting needles, especially when going to the dentist. At my recent appointment, I needed a filling and was very nervous before getting the dreaded needle to numb the area. Dr. Deutch asked if I would be intersted in trying DentalVibe. It sounded like an interesting idea and it actually worked. The needle was much was less painful and barely noticeable with the vibrating sensation. I would definitely recommend this tool for anyone who doesn't like needles or wanting a less stressful and painfree dental experience.

Dr. Chukym Alexis-Johnson
10-14-2014keith e
very good

Dr. Steven Stec
10-13-2014James S
Could have not been better

Dr. James Canham
10-13-2014KAREN A

Dr. James Canham
10-13-2014Mike S
In 37 yrs. this is the 1st time I have ever had novocain and didn't feel the needle.

Dr. Steven Stec
10-13-2014Terry G
I was very impressed with the Dental Vibe. I always hate when he gives the shot to deaden the area to do the work and this time with the Dental Vibe I did not feel a shot at all and the next thing I know he was ready to start doing the drilling. I was very impressed with the tool and did not feel the injection at all. I would recommend it to all dentists.

Dr. Jim Warren
10-13-2014Eloy A
I had a Pian-Free experience at my dentist's office!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
10-13-2014Ray H
As an adult I still experience anxiety from childhood on visiting the dentist. Having any work beyond the normal teeth cleaning really puts me on edge. On this visit to Dr. Larry Hubbard in Statesboro, Ga I had repair done for my first ever crown. When Dr. Hubbard explained how the dental vibe worked it helped to ease my worries and I never realized when the anesthetic administration began or finished (generally I shut my eyes tight as soon as I lay in the dental chair.) Thanks Dental Vibe for making this visit a most pleasant experience!

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
10-13-2014Dolores B
It was wonderful. Surprisingly, there was no pain, just a pleasant vibrating sensation. And it was quick.

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
10-13-2014Memory F
I hate the freezing and I hardly noticed when my dentist used this device! Awesome!

Dr. Jeffrey Salatino
10-13-2014Andrea M
Dr. Salatino used the dentalvibe before numbing me for a crown. It was painless and the dentalvibe helped distract me from getting the shot. It was over before I knew it.

Dr. Everett Eklund
10-13-2014Robert P

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-13-2014Michele R
Awesome! I never feel a thing when Dr. Uses this product! Lessens the anxiety when I have any dental work done!

Dr. Roy Smith III
10-13-2014trey l
It works wonders for the outer gum line. Since the back gums are a bit tougher than the front you do feel a bit of pressure. Still it is wonderful and something i look forward to with my visits.

Dr. Teresa Ellis
I didn't feel anything, not even the shots. Dr Ellis is great!

Dr. Heman Verma
10-13-2014Amit S
I thought it to be scary to get a mouth job done, but it was pain less and before I could realise, It was done. Thanks!!!

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-12-2014James O
Great experience! Cannot complain about a thing.

Dr. Mark & Theresa Abood
10-11-2014Junior O
It was a great experience! I never felt a thing the entire time!

Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu
10-11-2014Rebecca A
I was in shock, with this new Vibe that dr Reed use on me. I felt no pain at all when he was putting on the Anastasia to numb me. I will be referring all my family and friends to my Dentist because he is a very nice and patient Dentist, and the most important that we feel no pain at all.

Dr. Stanley Ahn
10-11-2014Kristen C
I had a procedure done today on an exposed nerve, which is as you can imagine highly sensitive to touch. I am DEATHLY afraid of needles and have never had an injection in my mouth before so I was extremely nervous. Dr. Ahn used the dental vibe tool and I did not feel a thing!! I'm not sure if it was the mere distraction of the vibrations and noise that kept me from thinking about it, but I didn't even feel the injection at all. This is a great tool and I would definitely recommend it!

Dr. Steven Stec
10-10-2014Stan C
Barely felt the needle go into the roof of my mouth

Dr. Chris Ramsdell
10-10-2014Becky R
I had a great visit to the dentist. Dr. Ramsdell is the best. I typically despise going to the dentist, today was a pleasant experience.

Dr. Lewis Petree
10-10-2014doreen p
Dr. Hewitt did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. I would recommend her to anyone I know.

Dr. Dennis Burgner
10-10-2014Jamie N

Dr. Dennis Burgner
10-10-2014Jamie N
never thought it would work, but it did

Dr. Dennis Burgner
10-10-2014Jamie N

Dr. Brian Nylaan
10-10-2014J B

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-10-2014Barr J
Worked great

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
Totally painless Dentist. Amazing!!!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-10-2014Sharon S
Good stff helps better than a needel

Dr. James Canham
10-10-2014Holly S
Having 26 teeth re crowned and the cant changed.

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-10-2014Alexander S
Tooth extraction

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-10-2014Marie B
I had a 1PM on 10/9/2014 appointment with Dr. Thomas Schneider for 2 teeth to be extracted. I was taken right on time by his assistant. I was a little nervous but she made me feel comfortable immediately. She took her time explaining the details of what I could expect to happen. My experience with her was great. When Dr Schneider came in he did not cut corners and he did not rush and he again went over all the details of what I could expect during and after the extraction. He does his work meticulously to ensure the best results. When I went home I followed all the instructions which were outlined in detail and I had a wonderful nights sleep and the next day everything was fine. I can't thank Dr. Schneider and his staff for a great experience and would recommend him highly as he was recommended to me. Thank you again.Marie Baralow

Dr. Jesse Grimm
10-10-2014SCOTT C
this was the first time the dentalvibe had been used on me and i could tell a noticeable difference. have to go back next April for another crown. not dreading it at all.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-10-2014Enid R
Painless! Excellent tool to ease anticipation of oain or anxiety.

Dr. Michelle Guo
10-10-2014Kristina F
Pain free

Dr. Michelle Guo
10-10-2014Kristina F
Pain free

Dr. Mattew Geddes
10-10-2014Kelli A
I loved it for the shot on the top! Not so much on the bottom one.

Dr. Scott Cohen
10-10-2014Elizabeth M
Had two molars worked on: one crown repair and one prepared for a new crown. Dr. Cohen took special care to make sure that the work proceeded witwithout pain. I appreciate his diligence.

Dr. Steven Kusnick
10-09-2014Tanzara E
For my cleaning appointment: my hygienist was very thorough and gentle. She was concerned about my health based on information in my file she was supportive and shared information to assist me.

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
10-09-2014Bob G
Dentalvibe is remarkable. It completely removed any sensation of pain. I hardly even knew the procedure was underway. Dentalvibe is a sure winner!

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
10-09-2014Theresa H
I went to the dentist dreading that awful shot I was going to get and Dr. Zoebell showed me this new dental tool that was going to make my experience a good one. He was right! I no longer fear that "dreadful shot". Not only was it painless, I felt like I was given a great gum massage too. Good job on your tool!

Dr. Thomas Schneider
10-09-2014Nancy P
Very professional and caring. Put me at ease. My procedure went very well.

Dr. Mark Liberati
What an experience not to have pain with the enjection

Dr. Herman Tong
10-09-2014bill p
painless and great loved it!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-09-2014Melesio S
It was great! I hadn't been to a dentist in years. I was definitely apprehensive about knowing I was going to have take an injection in my mouth to get numb. However it was completely painless thanks to the Dental vibe! All I felt was a tickle. It was completely painless! I can't say enough about comfortable it made it. Thanks Dental Vibe!

Dr. William Zoerhof
10-09-2014William W
Awesome dental cleaning!!

Dr. Brett Maddux
10-09-2014Carol G
Good-no pain

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
10-09-2014Margie L
very good pain free.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
10-09-2014presley w
No pain at all!

Dr. Marc Spector
10-09-2014George R
install crown

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
10-09-2014David b
exceptional!! IREALLY LIKED IT

Dr. Fred Jones
10-09-2014Jeanne H
I just received 8 crowns from Dr. Fred Jones, White House, TN (Great Dentist), and OMG why wasn't the DentalVibe created years ago. This one small invention is going to change attitudes about getting dental work done. LOVE IT.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-09-2014Carrie T
Wow! The dental vibe made for a totally painless injection. Dr. Periu is fantastic!

Dr. Csilla Gyurko
10-09-2014correne f
great experience,no pain at injection site

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-09-2014Jhon P
Absolutely NO pain at all. Amazing tool.

Dr. Ross Quartano
10-09-2014elsa d
I am not afraid of injections, but the vibe have made them painless.

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
10-08-2014Trinity T
A painless dentist visit!

Dr. Jennifer Psota Dougherty
10-08-2014Theresa W
I no longer dread having a dental procedure thanks to DentalVibe. I am the world's biggest chicken when it comes to needles and shots. I have been known to delay or even cancel procedures and surgeries just because of the dreaded needle stick. When I learned I needed 2 crowns I was more upset about getting novocain than getting the crowns. I have endured needless pain on many occasion just to avoid novocain. When my dentist told me about DentalVibe I was a non-believer at first. Well, I no longer dread dental procedures thanks to DentalVibe. The experience was just as painless as my dentist said it would be. I was so pleasantly surprised by the pain free experience and am so glad that my dentist uses it. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be painful anymore.

Dr. Richard Guerra
10-08-2014Lynn F
I found the procedure to be pain free with Dental Vibe

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-08-2014Victor C
I was getting a crown and a filling and the dentist used the dental vibe to apply the numbing agent.

Dr. Gary Rosenblatt
10-08-2014gretchen j
made the procedure of getting injections into my jaw painless. Great invention!

Dr. Jim Warren
I have to get injections in my mouth prior to getting fillings for cavities.But I didn't get any pain with injection. Today my dentist used the DentalVibe and i couldn't feel the injection at all!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-08-2014Alan B
Doreen Peterson does amazing work. I wouldn't go to any other dentist. Thank You for everything!

Dr. Lenny Slepchik
10-08-2014Chelsey A

Dr. Robert Harelick
10-08-2014Patricia C
Growing up I absolutely dreaded getting injections in my mouth prior to getting fillings for cavities. Today my dentist used the DentalVibe and i couldn't feel the injection at all! It made getting a filling more bearable.

Dr. Robert Harelick
10-08-2014jennifer c

Dr. Robert Thousand III
10-08-2014Stephanie Y
my experience with Dr. Thousand was great pain free!!!!

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
10-08-2014Amie B
Didn't feel any pain. Was a good experience.

Dr. Robert McDade
10-08-2014Jennifer L
On October 7th I had my teeth cleaned and checked by Barb and Dr. Johnston. My mouth is a mess due to the fact that I haven't been able to get my teeth cleaned for over two years. Barb understood that sometimes a caregiver lets their own health and care slide. Rather than a lecture, they both offered support to get my mouth back in shape in way that can work around my caregiving duties. Physically the cleaning and exam were pain free, but more importantly the support and understanding of these professionals lessened my emotional burden.

Dr. Linda Sarett
10-08-2014Richard O
Painless, works very well

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-08-2014Anthony D
Very nice. The DentalVibe made me forget about the injection.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-08-2014Frances B
Pain Free

Dr. Robert Hull
10-07-2014Sara M
I hate going to the dentist. And, when I learned I had to get a filling and numbing shot I was terrified. But, then when my dentist was just about to give me the numbing shot, he said,"We're going to try something new." At first I didn't know what to think, then when he used the Dentalvibe it suprised me. Over all the device didn't really do anything but distract me from the pain for a couple of seconds. But, when I foucused on it instead of the shot that was being given it suprised me, but it still didn't take any of the pain away.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-07-2014Katherine E
The most Painless experience i have had a a dental office

Dr. Patricia Arciniega
10-07-2014angela h
I am NOT a fan of the dentist and certainly NOT a fan of painful injections. Dr Arciniega used the dental vibe, making my experience much more comfortable. Great idea!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-07-2014Ernest L
It appears to have worked and I felt no pain!

Dr. Steven Stec
10-07-2014nok m
Thank you Dr. Stec for all the work u have done.. my visit was great and painless. I hate shots, but I didn't feel a thing.. that vibration tool u guys use is awesome! :-)

Dr. Fred Jones
10-07-2014David M
I had 3 root-canals done at one time on my first visit. It took 1 1/2 hours straight work and there was no pain at all the whole time, not even when he used the needle to freeze the area. Doctor Fred Jones is the first dentist my wife and I have gone to that was prepared and, to be, and was completely pain free. We are in the process of moving about 30 miles away, but we will make the trip back to Dr. Jones because of his approach to clients, his knowledge of the latest techniques, and his listening to our needs, and adjust his services to our (senior's - we both are 72 years old) needs and economics.

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson
10-07-2014Kathryn L
This device made my visit and dental work needs 99% more comfortable. Thank you for the experience. I would recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Randeep Bhullar
10-07-2014LETRICE S

Dr. Rodrigo Lagos
10-07-2014brenda w
absolutely pain free procedure. (step 2 - implant)Immaculate office, well-appointed. All procedures were explained and I felt veery comfortable

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
10-07-2014Jason L
The vibration really works. Usually getting a shot is the worst part of dental work but this product really makes it pain free.

Dr. James Canham
10-07-2014mary b
REALLY helped. was relaxing and pain free.

Dr. Bassil Cuffy
10-07-2014MATTHEW C
Awesome. Felt like I fell asleep on my phone...when it was set to vibrate.

Dr. Lewis Petree
10-06-2014Cyndi W
Visit with Dr Petree was completely pain-free! He's the best!

Dr. John Addison
10-06-2014Michael T
After 30 years of visiting the dentist twice a year, I finally had the best experience at Dr. John Addison in Miami, FL. I just moved to the city and could not believe how pain-free the new technology has gotten.

Dr. Ross Quartano
10-06-2014Jacob P
I had a great experience

Dr. Rick Fentem
10-06-2014Scott F
Felt no pain,it was great,was wait for the pain but there wasn't any at all.

Dr. Blake Julian
10-06-2014Tera G
Consulting for treatment, and discussing options was very simple and Dr Blake is more than a Dentist. He is personable and caring beyond words.

Dr. Roy Smith III
10-06-2014ron t
a painless experience that will help transform dental patient care for millions of people

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-06-2014Cathy J
Great distraction! Painless too. Will definitely use it again for future dental work. Thanks!

Dr. Michelle Conner
10-06-2014Carolyn M
Great! She truly is the tooth fairy!!! Totally painless! Thanks, Dr. Conner!

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
10-05-2014Ann P
Had a filling done. Did not even feel the pain injection. Highly recommended.

Dr. Michael Bell
10-05-2014Jan C
Dr. Michael Bell, pain Free DentalVibe

Dr. Herman Tong
10-05-2014D. C
The use of the DentalVibe was a very positive experience. It made the pain of the needle going through my gums bearable.

Dr. Steven Stec
I loved dentalvibe and how fast it worked!

Dr. Peter Olejarz
10-05-2014Bill K
it was pain free and it worked very well and helped me out

Dr. Varo Boyer
10-05-2014Daniel M
I'm horrified of shots and normally have to close my eyes and try to imagine anything else. It's usually not possible. With Dental Vibe it was totally different. I wasn't even aware I was getting a shot, since he didn't tell me I was. So awesome!

Dr. Mark Liberati
I had a tooth extracted and didn't feel a thing. Dentalvibe is a great tool and would recommend it to anyone that is getting any kind of procedure done.

Dr. Michael Beeler
10-04-2014Lea V
Pain free. Wonderful Experience.

Dr. Martha De La Iglesia
10-04-2014Karen L
Incredible! Absolutely pain-free! After explaining to my dentist how nervous I was, she used the Dentalvibe. It was the best dentist experience of my life.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-04-2014Arce J
I have found the team to be extremely thorough and meticulous. We have been impressed by the concern and skill you have always provided whilst treating my family with dental needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice and hope to remain a patient of yours in the years to come. You have worked wonders for me over the last year it has made such a difference to my life and I am very grateful for all your help.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-04-2014Thomas N
Dr. Hadley and his office staff are very professional and courteous.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014sylvia s
There was no pain involved from the dental injections and surgery, Dr. Patel gives the best injections I ever had. I recommend this practice to anyone who needs dental treatment.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014sherina L
Cheers Doc!.. thank you for making my kids dental visits fun!

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
10-03-2014Caron B
Having the novacaine injected did not hurt at all with DentalVibe!

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014Shorty R
I found the experience pleasant and love my new teeth whitening

Dr. Larry Hoyt
10-03-2014Keith G
I was expecting the usual pain from the injection, but I was shocked, there no pain at all. Every dentist should be using dental vibe.

Dr. Fred Jones
10-03-2014Elise W
I couldn't even feel the needle!

Dr. Fred Jones
10-03-2014Elise W
Fabulous! No pain at all.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-03-2014Michelle C

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
10-03-2014Allen C
I was somewhat apprehensive but into my second day I actually am relatively pain free. Very satisfied at this point. Pleasantly surprised by the results.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014jackie T
office is nice and clean and cute. I like the plants and decor,I like that the office is very clean and the receptionist is always helpful and friendly

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014Pang T
the girls are friendly and helpful;and our dentist is nice and cheerful.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014NOAH L
from start to finish , went well didnt feel the injection, the hygienist is awesome

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014charlie L
excellent care- competent, friendly team members. Been a patient for many years, and never had to wait for than five minutes.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014lorena Q
very good, liked the hygienist and the dentist was very easy to talk to as well

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014Marty G
Caring , got my teeth out no problem, didn't hurt. Great office , know what they are doing!

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
10-03-2014Richard H
Great :)

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
10-03-2014Edward V
I was very pleased with the work by Dr. Hadley. There was no pain in the process of preparing the three crowns. He was very efficient and very concerned with my comfort.

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
10-03-2014Barbara W
The Dental Vibe made the administration of the needle so painless it was amazing!

Dr. Nelson Smith
10-03-2014Jan H
I had my teeth cleaned and Heather did an excellent job then two days later Dr. Smith filled a tooth and he was very kind and caring and made it very painless. The office staff is always very considerate and efficient.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014N M
It was a great experience for my first dental visit , everybody was very warm and friendly that made us both feel comfortable as a new patient. Thank you for a great service! Looking forward for our next appointment.

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-03-2014Naomi Y
Everyting worked perfect for me. Thank you for treating me with kindness because i was nervous of going to the dentist.

Dr. Steven Stec
10-02-2014Kallan K

Dr. Brian Vence
10-02-2014Karen S
A cowardly patient like me needs to have the reassurance of a pain-free dental experience. When I am pain-free, it allows my dentist, Dr. Brian Vence, to focus on his highly technical dental skills and not have to worry about keep me out of the panic-zone! I have presented a few challenges for Dr. Vence, and with the help of Dental Vibe my results have been truly amazing -- and pain-free! Perhaps I might even lose my going-to-the-dentist anxiety!

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-02-2014Joseph V
I had a great experience

Dr. Humera Yazdani
10-02-2014Reyna L
I’m always nervous when going to the dentist, because of the pain before the numbing. I was set up on the chair and I closed my eyes because I knew the needle was coming towards my gums, then the Dentist said I going to use this devise on your gums. I had no idea what it was for and then I felt my gum getting numb, I thought is this something new? When she was done numbing my gums she said how did it feel? I asked how what feel, she then explained what she did with the DENTAL VIBE. All I had to say that was Genius…!!!! Love it…!!! Thank you for this invention, my focus was on the vibrating sensation and not needles or pain. :)

Dr. Nina Chang
10-02-2014Xiao X
It was an great experience that I did not feel any pain at all!

Dr. Mark Liberati
10-02-2014charlene s
Third time trying it and still pain free!!

Dr. Brian Nylaan
10-02-2014David V
The best experience with shots ever. We need those things that vibrate and help speed the process. Thank You.

Dr. Robert Carpenter
10-02-2014Suzanne J
Dr.Carpenter prepared me for two crowns today. He has such a good dental technique with patients and his expertise is beyond what I think the majority of Dentists possess. Today I commented on the injection process. I told him that I noticed an improved technique. I most definitely noticed an advancement in pain elimination with the vibration. I am overly sensitive & apprehensive so this procedure was an added bonus! Today was a GREAT dental day! Suzanne

Dr. Robert Harelick
10-02-2014Megan W
It was great! I couldn't even fill the pinch of the injection. Will ask for it every time I need a dental injection!

Dr. Roy Smith III
10-02-2014A S
No pain, no gain

Dr. Lenny Slepchik
10-02-2014Steven W
The DentalVibe is the greatest. I don't mind needles except for in my mouth. I always dreaded going to the dentist because of it. Now the freezing experience isn't stressful as it isn't painful. Thank you DentalVibe.

Dr. James Canham
10-02-2014John P
Great experience. Much more effective than older methods for diverting shot discomfort!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
10-02-2014James T
No pain. Didn't feel the needle at all. Love it!

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-02-2014Leo L
Great people, Great place. period.

Dr. James Peck
10-02-2014Bernice C
Annual cleaning with hygienist, very pleasant with out pain. and did a cast for lower braces.

Dr. Lee Cohen
10-02-2014Rebecca B
Painless! Dr. Cohen and his entire staff are amazing! I will never go anywhere else.

Dr. Jerome Kayatta
10-02-2014Winona W
Just had mouth surgery. When the anesthetic was administered with the DentalVibe, it was nearly painless.

Dr. Fereshteh Taba
10-02-2014Jamie G
I've never been very apprehensive when faced with dental procedures but I can say that I'm not a huge fan of injections. I found the dental vibe was actually a nice distraction and made me giggle a bit. I'm thankful my dentist opted to use this new device.

Dr. Alex Matheson
10-02-2014Emily J
I will ask for my dentist to use the dental vibe every time I have an injection now. It really made the experience very comfortable.

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
10-02-2014Deirdre C
Great! Didn't feel the shot at all,

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
I love this device. Almost pain free when used with topical ointment and proper placement.

Dr. James Burton
10-02-2014Rachel T
Wonderful product! Lessened the pain substantially!

Dr. Herman Tong
10-01-2014Dorothy W
Truly an absolutely pain-free experience! The vibrations actually felt good! The continuous humming pulsations made it very easy to feel soothed, to become relaxed and to enter into a pleasant, stress-free and tranquil state of mind. Thank you DentalVibe!

Dr. Jose Cruz
10-01-2014Jessica M
It made getting a filling a lot less painful.

Dr. Steven Stec
10-01-2014Lauri H
I absolutely hate shots! When my dentist numbed my mouth I barely felt it. 😀

Dr. Fred Jones
10-01-2014Fred J
Great (painless)

Dr. Denise Turner
10-01-2014Cynthia C
Thank you to Dr. Turner and your new product, I will not longer dread the needle!

Dr. Varo Boyer
10-01-2014Andrew A
It was awesome!!!! No pain at all!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-01-2014Jennevera S
Love this instrument. Completely pain free and im terrified of the needles so this is an extremely necessary tool for anyone comjng by my mouth. Dr. Peterson is amazing and the dental vibe makes it just that much better :) Thanks

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-01-2014Norma V
ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DENTIST AND THIS TEAM. I was in terrible pain over the weekend and Dr. Patel, saw me after hours,took care of my broken tooth, Thank you guys!

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-01-2014Ramon L
The Practice is a very pleasant experience, highest quality care and affordable prices, hard to find these these days!- Ramon

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-01-2014lopez a
I love them! I have moved to Stockton and still drive to the office because they are awesome. Low wait time, and very nice! !!

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-01-2014K G
the office is always on time and I had my gums treated and feel in much better health now. Dr. also fixed some white crowns for me and I am really pleased with everything. YAY!

Dr. Upen J Patel
10-01-2014Alvarez E
I had my broken tooth removed by Dr. Patel last month and I was very happy with the level of care he provided me. I was nervous , but the injection was painless and he took care of me. Thank you

Dr. MJ Waroich
10-01-2014Robert C
DentalVibe alleviated some stinging during novacaine injection.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-01-2014donna d
Truly is pain-free!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
10-01-2014diane j
Did not feel a thing. Makes coming to the dentist less stressful

Dr. James Sierra
10-01-2014Peggy M
I didn't feel any injections at all! only the vibrations from this new dental tool! That's the start of my anxiety, when I get injections. But with this dental tool, no panicking at all! love it!

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
09-30-2014Laura M
I could not believe how easy to get a freezing with this method.

Dr. John Rodriquez
09-30-2014kenton c
Dr. John rodriquez from timeless dental is the most caring dentist i know he actually cares if some thing is uncomfortable so i recommend him for yall

Dr. Dario Gonzalez
09-30-2014Katty H

Dr. Robert Harelick
09-30-2014Mary M

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-30-2014S P
fantastic office staff and super friendly

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-30-2014T S
Comfortable treatment

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-30-2014Jeff B
How amazing Michele is! She is so kind and gentle and the injection was pain free!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-30-2014B S
The staff always makes me feel like family, and nothing is ever done unless explained beforehand. Go Dr. Patel and office!

Dr. Robert Harelick
09-30-2014Giselle C
The new technology greatly eased the pain i normally experience when going to the dentist. I felt very comfortable and now i won't be nervous for any dentist visits from now on.

Dr. Lan Hoang
09-30-2014Jerry C
If the Dentist gave me a shot to deaden the pain, you couldn't tell it by me. I didn't feel a thing!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-30-2014lopez r
I came for the first time for an appt. with Dr. Patel this week,he listened to me,very professional and did a great job. I will come back for sure!.

Dr. Alex Matheson
09-30-2014William S

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette
09-30-2014Chris C

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-30-2014Andrea M
Dr. Carosello is the best by far! I never feel pain with him! He always makes the experience easy and has a pleasant relaxing voice that's comforting and reassuring.. My children love his office staff too :)

Dr. Larry Hubbard
09-30-2014Stephanie H
I had virtually no pain

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-30-2014cathy g
pain free

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-30-2014Ernie V
No bad a little weird at first, but seems to work or just takes the focus off the injection.

Dr. Larry Hoyt
09-30-2014David S
Pleasant, pain free experience.

Dr. Cassandra Brackett
09-30-2014Anastashia M
I recently had some pain in my mouth. I had to go to 4 different dentist appointments before the problem was pinpointed then a 5th appointment to resolve the problem. During these appointments I was given injections in my gums making them feel like pin cushions. When I saw Dr Cassandra Brackett she used the Dentalvibe and I didn't feel the injections at all. This is a great tool especially for patients who have a fear of needles.

Dr. Murray Saunders
09-30-2014Philip D
Worked a treat, what a great little device. Well done.

Dr. Murray Saunders
09-30-2014Philip D
Worked a treat, what a great little device. Well done.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-29-2014Kusum B
Thank you so much for the work you have done on my teeth. The dental implants look and feel even better than my own teeth did 30 years ago. - I am absolutely delighted with them!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-29-2014Ron B
I was once a nervous patient now I am proud to say I am a happy, relaxed and smiling patient!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-29-2014J R
The level of service my family has received from you Dr. Patel, has been outstanding, you always take time to listen to our concerns and make us all feel very comfortable. Your staff are friendly, professional and always very caring

Dr. Herman Tong
09-29-2014carol b
Great experience with DentalVibe. The vibration of the DentalVibe made the experience a pleasant one.

Dr. James Wallace
09-29-2014Winston L
Positive experience with the product. Dr. Wallace explained and it was similar to a light feather.

Dr. Luis Calixto
09-29-2014miriam r
it was the best experience ever no pain at all

Dr. Michael Mott
09-29-2014Cheryl D
Went for my 6 month cleaning... Had a good report... Love ALL of Dr. Michael Mott's Staff! I wouldn't go anywhere else !!

Dr. Willie Hammontree
09-29-2014Tommy S
Great results with Dr. Hammontree and his staff.

Dr. William Dunn
09-29-2014Arthur D
This was my first experience, it worked great! It seemed to put more focus on the vibration and not the shot.

Dr. Mary Helen Habib
09-29-2014daren l
very easy. no pain.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-29-2014Auer G

Dr. Marjan Garmestani
09-29-2014Sreyliang V
I used to be afraid of dentists and their scary equipment. My visit to the dentist last year proof my fear wronged. I felt comfortable and very satisfied with the result. My doctor is very nice and gentle with me.

Dr. Simon Lin
09-28-2014Zakarias R
I felt no pain while I was having several injections .I was having my wisdom teeth pulled . This is a great pain free device.

Dr. Lenny Slepchik
09-28-2014jessenia n
very professional and helped me with my tight schedule

Dr. Wayne Gary
09-28-2014Allexus G
Dr.Wayne Gary did an amazing job with my fillings. He made me feel comfortable and confident. This was my first time under the gas & anastesia and I felt like everything was going to be okay. He is such a positive dentist. He and his staff are very welcoming in this calm environment. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! He is really the best. My teeth feel and look amazing! The whole experience was pain free and fast. Thank you Dr. Gary and I will be back!!

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
09-28-2014Robert B
I had a great experience at my dentist Dr. Chamblan. He made me feel comfortable and was very friendly.

Dr. Herman Tong
09-28-2014Shirley L
It was WONDERFUL, took my mind off from the needle that is about to go into my gums.

Dr. Gerald Gardner
09-28-2014christopher k
my dentist, dr. gardner, informed me that he was embarking on a procedure of refiting my bite, which he considers a 10, on a scale of 1 to 10. being prone to headaches, and suffering great financial difficulties recently, I cannot imagine the amount of pain I would be in without dr. gardner, using your dental vibe. he has already fitted me with 1 permenant crown, and 4 temporary crowns. in the end, he will have replaced a number of 19 crowns. to all who have assisted in returning me to a greater state of health, I'm very thankful, and to your company, for the ease and lack of pain of your device, thanks much. I will remain hopeful of winning the pai-free experience drawing. again, thankyou, god bless, and peace profound, Christopher kornfeind.

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
09-27-2014Cheryl M
Unbelieveable, Dr Schoenenberger is the best. Had perio surgery on four lower molars. Can't believe that it truly was painless. I took one pain pill as I was instructed to do so when I got home. That was it - no more pills. Absolutely no pain from the surgery.

Dr. E. Jan Chithalen
09-27-2014MARC C
Dr. Chithalen represents "new dentistry". Visiting the dentist is no longer the way you remember it as a child! Dr. Chithalen's state of the art equipment and products and knowledge of the modern medicine of dentistry ensures us that we will have good dental health throughout our life. Thank you Dr. Chithalen!

Dr. Jeffrey Clausner
09-27-2014KHALID H

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-27-2014Robert S
I experienced dental vibe while getting a shot as part of crown preparation. I barely even noticed the shot. Dental vibe was great.

Dr. Gerda Ludvik
09-27-2014stefan b
It was just great I can only recommend it

Dr. Varo Boyer
09-27-2014Angelica A
Thank you Dr. Varo for a professional, completely painless dental experience!

Dr. Varo Boyer
09-27-2014Vladimir E
Came to Dr. Varo Boyer for treatment! The experience was not only painless, but pleasant and worry free! Thank you!!

Dr. Neil Shapiro
09-26-2014Doreen D
I had two fillings replaced with Dr. Neil Shapiro. I choose not to have novocaine and it was perfectly pain-free! He was so gentle!

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-26-2014Michael G

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-26-2014Christine D
Loved it! I never even felt the needle. Thank you

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
09-26-2014Jimmie V
I made a video about my experience with DentalVibe, and where I enjoyed it. It's in 3D. I can also create a 2D version, if you wish.It's on You Tube.

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-26-2014Rachel E
I've always been afraid of the dentist but the staff at Dr. Stephen Carosello's office is amazing. They explain everything they are going to do and don't sugar coat it. I've gotten two wisdom teeth pulled and a root canal. Can't believe how little pain I experienced. Highly recommend this dentist!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014J J
Lovely staff and easy parking :)

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Paul P
Known Dr. Patel for years, and has treated my wife,daughter, parents and my self. I am always happy with the gentle care and treatment rendered esp with the injection technique.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Gary H
If you need Dental Implants , this is the doc to see and the procedure was surprisingly quite painless.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Dr. E
I also am a restorative dentist, and Dr. Patel has treated me for my dental needs, exemplary beautiful dentistry.

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
09-26-2014Leslie B
It was my first time having a shot by Dr. Chamblin and he used the dental vibe and I didn't feel a thing. Awesome!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-26-2014Jennifer N
My son hates getting shots and his teeth worked on but with the pain free shot he doesn't worry anymore

Dr. Heman Verma
09-26-2014Marisha C
Pain!! Not with my dentist..

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Ricardo L
I had a broken tooth extracted, was nervous about the treatment , but Dr. Patel took it out with ease and quickly and it did not hurt! he used this numbing instrument I think which really helped me not feel the needle.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Glas G
They really take care of you, always explains what to expect and needs to be done. Very pleased with the painless injection technique he used for my white fillings.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-26-2014Dina M
The procedure went smoothly and painless... happy with this great team of professionals!

Dr. Joseph Craig
09-25-2014Jay K
Funny!…As I was sitting in my dentists chair today, I was thinking how much times have changed. Not too long ago just the thought of going to the dentist was stressful. As I was thinking this, I was having a root canal done and was under no pain at all. Instead of focusing on fear and pain, I was able to instead, let my mind wander and not think much of where I actually was! That is a very comfortable moment when sitting in a dentist chair! My Doctor, Dr. Joseph Craig, I thought, must be one of the best dentists around. So good, that my thoughts went to thinking about how I can turn my friends on to "Dr. Painless". He's that good!

Dr. Dell Goodrick
09-25-2014Danielle E
I felt NO pain- what a great tool! Thanks! :)

Dr. Peter Olejarz
09-25-2014Oonstance B
it took the stress and anticipation of a painful freezing out of the treatment , thank you. Great product

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
09-25-2014Abby D
I'm so glad my dentist has DentalVibe! The needle was my least favorite part now that he has DentalVibe, i don't dread my dentist appointement.

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
09-25-2014Abby D
I'm so glad my dentist has dentalvibe! I was nervous the needle would hurt, but my mom told me they had a special machine that vibrated the gum to make it pain-free! and it was pain-free! -Abby

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-25-2014Jennifer N
My son hates the dentist with pain free shot he doesn't worry anymore.

Dr. Sandeep Sood
09-25-2014Michael T
Dental vibe tool works very well. Awesome product and awesome experience with Dr Sood

Dr. Zoe Collier
09-25-2014Shalmir L
I did not feel the injection after the doctor used the dentalvibe. This new tool is great.

Dr. Teresa Ellis
09-25-2014Stace D
Dr. Teresa Ellis09-25-2014Stace DI am a 40 year old man who has always been terrified of going to the dentist. This fear kept me from going to the dentist for so long that my teeth rotted away. I was just so scared! So much so, that when I finally went this year, my teeth were so badly damaged I had no choice but to have all of my upper teeth extracted in order to get dentures. I dreaded the procedure so much. The thought of the needle sticking into my gums in order to numb them was more than I could stand to think of. Then my dentist introduced me to the DentalVibe. She used the device while injecting the medication into my gums in order to numb me. I felt like mny gums were getting a massage. I kept waiting for the terrible prick I had felt so many times before but I never felt a thing. Just a gentle vibration that I must say was really quite nice. I want to tell everyone about this product. It made every difference in the world to me. Whoever created this instrument is an angel. I want to thank you for turning a dreaded procedure into something that resembled a day at the spa for my gums! LOL! Bravo for the DentalVibe! The next time I go to the dentist I will insist that they use the DentalVibe. If they don't have this instrument available to use, I will find a dentist that does. It's really a remarkable invention and I'm so glad my dentist introduced me to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Stace Davis~

Dr. Roy Smith III
09-25-2014Ashlee T
My dentist has used the dental vibe on me twice. I am a big fan of it! I think it helps tremendously! I literally do not feel the needle at all!!

Dr. Roy Smith III
09-25-2014ashlee t
Dr. Smith is the absolute best dentist in Birmingham. With his wonderful bedside manners, hi-tech equipment and sweet staff I won't ever have a complaint! Thank you!!!

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-25-2014Bill T
Great experience

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-25-2014Bill T
Great experience

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
09-25-2014Scott S
My dentist recently used DentalVibe, and it changed the way I fell about dental injections. No more pain! What a wonderful product!

Dr. Gloria Clarke
09-25-2014Branton F
For as long as I can remember (I'm 42) I've disliked going to the dentist and today the Dental Vibe was used on me when getting a cavity filled and I've never said it before but I enjoyed my dental experience.

Dr. Steven Stec
09-25-2014Robert B
I HAD an old filling replaced no pain at all including the shot!!!!

Dr. Fred Jones
09-25-2014Jonathan F
Works great. Didn't feel a thing.

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-25-2014Maria S
I did not feel anything. The experience was absolutely pain free and relaxing.

Dr. Clive Hamilton
good experience, very professional service

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-24-2014Amber G
I call him Doc Painless because of his unique ability to administer novacaine without pain. The staff are equally amazing !

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-24-2014Rinku M
It amazed me how Dr. Patel can administer novacaine without pain. What a coo new device !

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-24-2014Jenei A
A positive experience. It was very comfortable injection.

Dr. Loretta McKelvey
09-24-2014Niko P
Awesome! I had a very invasive procedure done and I felt none of it. Great dentist and hygienist!

Dr. Paul Cardon
09-24-2014sherie s
always very caring staff and doctor, been going for years and have a lot of the girls at work seeing the dentist

Dr. Dat Nguyen
09-24-2014Michelle L

Dr. Dawn J. Benson
09-24-2014Steve S
It was wonderful I was worried about the pain but I felt nothing.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-24-2014Terrie P

Dr. James Canham
09-24-2014Andrew B
Dental Vibe made the shots a lot less painful than they have ever been before! I could barely tell when the shot was even given!!

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-24-2014Sr. J
I had a totally pain-free dental visit with two cavities filled.

Dr. Brian Nylaan
09-24-2014MJ M
I did like the dental vibe when I had my filling. Worked great!

Dr. Gary Orbach
09-24-2014Richard D
Dr Gary Orbach is always on time, and he makes me feel at ease considering that I am a very nervous patient, due to a traumatic dental experience that I had many years ago.

Dr. Ford Gatgens
09-24-2014Vanessa G

Dr. Roy Smith III
09-24-2014Finley E
Dr. Smith is the best!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-24-2014Chestnut C
Clean, Friendly and painless injection today!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-24-2014David L
I was very anxious this visit, even before I got to the office for the deep cleaning appointment. Dr Patel used the topical and the new dental vibe and great job on listening to my concerns. He kept me informed of all that was happening, did great anesthesia — the procedure went painlessly and anxiety-free. Thanks again!

Dr. Wayne Young
09-23-2014Nicholas E
It was great. For the first time there wasn't a bunch of pokes all over. Really a tool all dentists should have

Dr. Gary Rosenblatt
09-23-2014Karen G
It was great. No pain at all. I wish all Dentist would use it. I wish this gadget was thought of along time ago, I wouldn't have the dental problems I have now. I would have looked forward to going to the Dentist

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
09-23-2014Chantel P
Loved it

Dr. Joseph Sciarrino
09-23-2014Maria V
I was really nervous about this oral procedure, but Dr. Scarrino was great at helping me remove my wisdom teeth, without any pain.

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
09-23-2014Daniel B
Wonderful experience with Dr. Shoenenberger and his staff. Very caring and professional.They constantly made me feel at ease and encouraged me.

Dr. Rosita Jimenez
09-23-2014Davida S
felt no pain with shot and tickled

Dr. Warren Krutchick
09-23-2014Rosanne S
Made my dental visit painfree and will surely lessen my anxiety for future visits. Thank you!

Dr. Steven Stec
09-23-2014Debra T
After years of "dental terror" I have to say that Dr. Stec's excellent care/treatment has helped me overcome my anxiety!

Dr. Jason Phillips
09-23-2014Devan M
My dentist did a great job he used the dentalvibe on me and I didn't feel a thing so thank u Dr Jason Phillips

Dr. Fred Jones
09-23-2014CHANTAL N
I was totally amazed by how I didn't feel the pain I expected during the numming shots process before he started. Thanks for the tool you created to make this scary experience so much more doable. My kids will also be amazed that they won't have to worry about feeling the pain if ever they have to have shots.

Dr. Terrence Lau
09-23-2014Kristina B
Dr. lau is awesome!!! Wonderful experience!!!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
09-23-2014Vinai L
it was a great, painless and worry free experience

Dr. Arben Celaj
09-23-2014Nick C
NO PAIN is that simple my appointment. LOVE IT!

Dr. Paul Miller
09-23-2014Donald T
Dr. Miller is phenominal. I have gone to him for almost 25 years and he is the best dentist I have ever gone to. He never give me any pain and I am a chicken when it comes to having my mouth worked on. I hope to go to him for many years to come!

Dr. Joseph Silberman
09-23-2014judy h
it worked extremely well to minimize the initial pain of the novacaine injections.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-23-2014derrel p
Didn't even feel the shot! Every dentist should have the DentalVibe in their office!

Dr. Steven G Goldberg
09-23-2014AnnPatricia D
Have you heard the Buzz? I really hope you have because that means that your dentist is going all out to make your dental experience pain free. The ”buzz” of DentalVibe is music to my ears. Dr. Goldberg has been doing some major dental work on me that requires several injections, and "every single one" has been pain free. DentalVibe is the best invention ever. So if your don’t hear the buzz on your next dental visit, ask your dentist to get with the “Vibe”.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-23-2014Patricia W

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-23-2014Patricia W

Dr. Grisel Martos
09-23-2014Lakeyvia G
Greatest experience ever!!!! Everyone in the doctors office was very professional and welcoming .... wouldn't change them for the world!!!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-23-2014Patricia W

Dr. Robert Harelick
09-23-2014Trudi M
Easy as pie! Just a little "pinprick sensation" instead of the "ouchie" pain of the needle while my dentist was using the dental vibe. I DEFINITELY recommend this marvelous product!

Dr. James Canham
09-22-2014John F
It' couldn.t Have been better!!

Dr. John Robertson
09-22-2014Pamela S
It took my mind off the needle.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
09-22-2014Andrew R

Dr. Zoe Collier
09-22-2014Trisha C
Very little to no pain!

Dr. Joseph Silberman
09-22-2014John B
Quite well. Very little pain, but the drilling did kinda hurt.

Dr. Daniel Pence
09-22-2014Lori B
This was my 7 year old son. He hurt for about an hour after his appointment and then he was fine.

Dr. Annie Sohn
09-22-2014ariana b
The Dental Vibe was great! Usually the injection is the worst part of the whole visit! Now with Dental Vibe, you don't feel a thing. Love it!

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
09-22-2014Jennifer D
Dr. was great, gentle, funny. Didn't hurt a bit. Staff is awesome!

Dr. Joseph Silberman
09-22-2014Howard V
Very impressed by this device. Dr. Silberman used it for the first time in a procedure where the regular needle can be particularly painful, right at the front roof of my mouth. The DentalVibe was great for distracting me and doing . . . whatever it did to my nerve fibers to make the injection all but completely unnoticeable.

Dr. Aaron Rowbottom
09-22-2014Marshall S
good experience

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-22-2014Donna D
Made my anxiety disappear.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-22-2014geena d
I was so nervous abutting getting a shot but it did not hurt at all.

Dr. Rosita Jimenez
09-22-2014Rita G
Very afraid of dentists, I came in because I needed a root canal. I was so nervous but the doctor explained she had a new device that could take the pain away. I trusted her because I'm so afraid of needles and thanks to DentalVibe, the injection felt more like a soothing gum massage. Wonderful product!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-22-2014Patrick F
This device takes 90% of the pain and worry out of going to the dentist and getting a shot to numb. I felt no needle and only a soothing vibration. Great product!!!

Dr. Donna Barber
09-22-2014marla z
DentalVibe made the novacaine experience tolerable. Of course, Dr. Donna Barber has the most gentle touch. This is a great instrument.

Dr. Steven Stec
09-22-2014Regina B
I had a great visit. Loved no pain while receiving the numbing shot. The vibration was great.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-21-2014gopal M
I got my teeth whitening for my Anniversary and it was painless. I am really happy withe the results.Great job by the Dr and his team.. I am really pleased with my smile :)

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-21-2014Ricky L
Dr. Upen Patel has been my dentist for years- possibly seven or more. Personally, I cannot imagine any dental care for me without him treating me. He is just such an excellent dentist, and his staff is super nice - I constantly recommend him to my friends and family.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-21-2014Andrew K
5 Star.I feel everyone in the office makes certain you obtain the best treatment in a professional, up to date, compassionate manner - have no fear going to the dentist, they are all in your corner!!! - yes I goevery four months, it is worth the peace of mind and I find my teeth areholding up very, very well - I am 81 years old!!! I absolutely would recommend Dr. Patel and his staff.

Dr. Robert Thousand III
09-21-2014sonya l

Dr. Jed Levitas
09-21-2014Lisa M

Dr. Robert Hull
09-21-2014Anna S

Dr. Jesse Reagin
09-21-2014Ernestine F
It was pretty easy when dealing all the staff. I appreciate having an opportunity to pay as I go along w/having dental work done. Now after I win this $50,000 I have more work done. Thank you in advance.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-20-2014Frank G
I've only had appointments with Dr. Patel, he is funny and very thorough with explanations. All of the staff is friendly and good company during the dental procedures.

Dr. Panos Andreou
09-20-2014Sue W
The best very comfortable

Dr. Steven G Goldberg
09-20-2014Tory K
Today Dr. Goldberg introduced me a new way to reduce the discomfort of anaesthesia injection, I thought it makes some sense to distract senses on the surface by applying vibrations, but being actually applied the DentalVibe, the pain of the needle I felt was much less than expected: almost no discomfort at all! I hope all dentists start using DentalVibe.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-20-2014Sean W

Dr. Lana Atchley
09-20-2014Stephanie T
This was my first time getting a filling, and I was nervous! Dr. Atchley, her team, and Dental Vibe made the experience nearly painless. I can't tell you how relieved I was!

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-20-2014Stacey B
My experience was nice and easy. Dr. Stephen Carosello made it so it was not painful at all during the procudure and after.

Dr. Dario Gonzalez
09-20-2014LuzPatricia G
Outstanding experience at Dental Bright everyone in the office starting from the always smiling reception Luz, Berenice, Xiomara are very welcoming. Every single one of the dental assistances make you feel very comfortable! The Doctors are just amazing! Very caring for every patient. I just had a procedure done completely pain free. I rate this office a 10 outstanding care for their patients. I recommend a lot of my family, friends and friends of my friends to go to this office.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-20-2014Ferns A
I have been going to Dr.Patel since he became a dentist 10 years ago.I see the same friendly faces every time I go! The care is excellent and Dr. Patel is incredibly skillful. I have a couple of white fillings that are impossible to find, they so perfectly match my natural teeth. Our visits are always enjoyable - the atmosphere is great. I have referred friends and roommates and all who remain in this area still go to Dr. Patel.I will recommend Dr. Patel and the staff to anyone who asks!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-20-2014Eric C
Got my braces off!!Thanks Dr. Patel :)This is a very friendly environment to be in. All the team are nice and really try to brighten up your day :) I recommend going to this dentist practice!!

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-20-2014Charles P
I would like to thank Dr. Patel for remaking my worn down front teeth and making me feel happy with my smile again.Thank you very much.

Dr. Upen J Patel
09-20-2014Kathy F
I have been attending this dentist since 2005 and I also recommend my husband to join them as it is professional with a great atmosphere.

Dr. Simon Lin
09-19-2014Maggie L
Dr Lin is patient and caring, he often asks whether or not I experience any discomfort. The surgery was well done and I healed quickly. I even went out shopping on the third day. There was minimum swelling. I had a pain-free dental experience

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
09-19-2014Brian M
Thanks to the use of this device by my dentist, I no longer take issue with going to have dental work done. Absolutely no pain or other discomfort was detected by me during my last procedure.

Dr. Robert Thousand III
09-19-2014carol M
Absolutely fantastic root canal procedure Dr.Thousand is GOOD

Dr. Sanford Schwartz
09-19-2014Leonor S
Great experience! I felt no pain at all. Best technology ever invented. No longer fearful of dental work.

Dr. Ross Quartano
09-19-2014Abby M
I had a cavity filled as well as a root canal and as always, dreaded going to the dentist for the procedures. The dentalvibe made a huge difference in the pain associated with the 2 numbing shots I received. I barely even felt it and usually it really hurts. I told my dentist that he made a great decision investing in this device! Next time, I won't be so anxious about going!

Dr. Gary Rosenblatt
09-19-2014James L
worked great in distracting from any pain during injections

Dr. Daryl Robertson
09-19-2014Janell R
I honestly can say I LOVE GOING TO MY DENTIST. Dental work is not fun but I'm NEVER concerned about the quality of work and compassion that I receive every time. The before, during and after care are amazing and you NEVER feel like your just another patient or dollar to be made. I love these people and truly believe they are such blessings in mine and my family's lives :)

Dr. Larry Hubbard
09-19-2014Barbara R
I had a crown placed. Dr. Larry Hubbard used the Dental Vibe while giving me the injections and I not only DID NOT feel any pain, I NEVER felt the injections at all. I've always been one of those persons terrified of going to the dentist because I was afraid I would feel the pain. NEVER will I have that fear again. Thank you Dental Vibe and Thank you Dr. Larry Hubbard!

Dr. Brett Maddux
09-19-2014Barbara P
Dt. Maddux did a gum tissue implant on a front tooth - usually a very sensitive area. Using the D:ental Vibe made the experience totally pain free. It was wonderful.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
09-18-2014Zobida G
Comforting and soothing

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-18-2014Diana M
Very good

Dr. MJ Waroich
09-18-2014Jody C
The DentalVibe was wonderful -- absolutely no pain or discomfort when anesthetic was administered (I felt only the vibration against my gums). The anesthetic took effect quickly, it felt like it was more quickly than with a traditional injection. I'm going to ask my dentist to use this whenever possible.

Dr. Jose Cruz
My experincia fue muy buena por que recibi muy buen trato y me icieron un buen trabajo estoy muy contenta y me gusto como trataron a mi esposo.

Dr. Greg Bialek
09-18-2014Jennifer B
Dr. Bialek. Concord,nc 1st time I ever had a vibrator in my mouth! What a great experience.

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-18-2014Charlene S
Loved it! My second time using dental vibe and didn't feel a thing! Honestly thank you for creating this awesome tool!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
09-18-2014Brittany D
The dental vibe was wonderful. I couldn't tell that I was getting an injection at all. It was pain free!

Dr. Lana Atchley
09-18-2014keith w
I had to get numerous shot for some recent dental work and the dentalvibe device made getting these shots much more comfortable. It felt like using my electronic tooth brush. Way to go dentalvibe!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
09-18-2014Melissa S
I had an excellent experience with the DentalVibe. I went in for a crown and ended up needing three injections. All were pain free thanks to the dental vibe. I did not feel any pain during injections.

Dr. James Wallace
09-18-2014Jennifer R
As a child I had traumatic history with my dentist which left me in fear of any type of dental procedure, especially the shots. Dr. Wallace used this device prior to an extraction and I never realized he had given me a shot. Highly recommend it to anyone with a needle phobia.

Dr. Varo Boyer
09-18-2014Kory D
The dental vibe worked really well, the injections I had were barely noticeable because the vibrations distracted from the needle.

Dr. Steven G Goldberg
09-18-2014Matthew W
Had a last-minute appointment to take care of a cavity. I didn't feel any pain when getting the injection. Really fantastic device!

Dr. Anthony Mendez
09-18-2014Sidney T
Excellent visit, I need a root canal, got an appointment right but when Dr. Mendez found out I was in pain he fitted me into his schedule to do the procedure.

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels

Dr. Willie Hammontree
09-18-2014Bev M
Positive results. Good idea to aide as distraction to procedure and pain. Clever product.

Dr. Robert McDade
09-17-2014Latoka W
It made the shots in the roof of my mouth painless! Wonderful and makes me not fear getting numbed up.

Dr. Steven Stec
09-17-2014Sharon V
Today I dreaded my dental appointment due to the shot before the dental work began. Dr Stec put the "needle" in my mouth out of my view (I don't want to see it anyway) and I was shocked to find something vibrating my in mouth but not a shot-same with the roof of my mouth-imagine my surprise when I was told that WAS the shot. What an awesome much needed piece of dental equipment. My granddaughter is going to have a lot of dental work starting next week. She has never had any work done - no cavities, takes care of her teeth but she needs dental work performed due to baby teeth not coming out and causing problems with her permanent teeth. Also her wisdom teeth need to come out and braces! I feel so bad for her and for her parents. I can't wait to tell my daughter about the dental vibe and how it changed my apprehension of going to the dentist!

Dr. Olga Reyes
09-17-2014Sobeida S
A slight pinch but felt no discomfort or pain

Dr. Roy Smith III
09-17-2014ann c
this is a wonderful new concept in reduced dental pain

Dr. Roy Smith III
09-17-2014ann c
all dentists should have one of these for the comfort of their patients

Dr. Panos Andreou
09-17-2014Amandeep B
At first I wasn't even sure when my dentist numbed my mouth as I didn't feel the pinch, shortly after he explained the vibration took away the pinch feeling and after the procedure he gave me this little paper and more information on dentalvibe. I am very pleased with that it was pain-free and thank dentalvibe,

Dr. Max Teja
09-17-2014chad h

Dr. Max Teja
09-17-2014shellie h

Dr. Yara Lopez
09-17-2014Noel T
I went to Upland Spa dentistry for dental check up and I am very impressed the type of work they did to me.

Dr. Brian Nylaan
09-17-2014Jill B
I totally fear the dentist so when I broke a tooth and had to get a core build up I was a wreck! They used the DentalVibe while giving me the injection which totally distracted me from the pain of the shot. I also did not feel a thing during the procedure, maybe because I sat still so the dentist could be very precise with the injection. I will ask for it again and definitely recommend it for those who fear the dentist as much as I do!

Dr. Terrence Lau
09-17-2014Linda P
Best experience I ever had at the dentisit.

Dr. Simon Lin
09-17-2014Hanna L
Pain free

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
09-17-2014Sonya S
I have had fillings/freezings done within 2 weeks of each other. The first one without the vibe which wasn't REALLY painful but very uncomfortable. Today's fillings/freezing's we started with the dentalvibe and what a difference! I was pretty sure he was using a needle but couldn't be sure because I couldn't FEEL IT! A positive experience with the dental vibe.

Dr. Daryl Robertson
09-17-2014Donna M
I had some teeth pulled using the vibe & it was amazing it was a great experience

Dr. Fred Jones
A notorious dental coward who decided she wanted pretty teeth more than she wanted to avoid the dentist, I wandered into Dr. Jones' office in White House, TN and sat down for a consultation about my teeth. Several x-rays and a dental cleaning later, I joined him in his office a week after my first visit to have various cavities filled. I needed a shot to numb my mouth, or at least, it was recommended, and I, not particularly fond of being in twice the pain, agreed. I was presented with this snazzy technology called Dental Vibe, which promised a pain free injection with pulses of vibration focused around the area. Nervously, I sat back, opened my mouth, and let them get to work. Next thing I know, it's over. Honestly, had they not had the Dental Vibe, I'm not sure I could've done it. Sedation, a blow to the head, anything would have been better than that shot. But, true to their word, it was virtually painless and I'm not quite as terrified of the dentist now. It wasn't unpleasant, and it definitely made things a lot easier.

Dr. Nelson Smith
09-17-2014Peggy G
The dental vibe that my dentist uses is so great. It takes my mind off of what he is really doing (an injection), and lets me relax during the procedure that follows. I can not say that I felt any real pain, and going to the dentist is not scary like it was when I was younger.

Dr. Rosita Jimenez
09-16-2014Arizbeth S
Me gusta el trabajo de la dr. Rosita

Dr. Patricia Reategui
09-16-2014Tammy B
Very good it helped when she was doing the shots

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
09-16-2014Susan C
Pleasantly surprised to have almost pain free injections after years of dental work

Dr. Laren Garfield
09-16-2014Helene P
Great experience, much less pain

Dr. Hans Stasiuk
09-16-2014Nakita P
I used to be terrified of the dentist, but in my recent visits to my new dentist, I am no longer afraid. I have not experienced any pain or discomfort while seeing my new dentist and I always feel welcome and comfortable. I look forward to seeing the dentist and keeping my smile healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-16-2014Arlene E
It was a good experience -- no pain during the shot.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
09-16-2014Matthew S
Dr.Doreen Peterson's is the best, gentlest dentist I have ever seen. The staff was also nice and go out of their way to make sure their patients have a good experience every time they come.

Dr. Marc Spector
09-16-2014Orlando N
It was totally pain free. Amazingly there was absolutely no pain with my whole experience.

Dr. Michael Bell
09-16-2014Martha S
Because of the DentalVibe, my experience this morning was much more pleasant than similar work in the past.

Dr. Benjamin Timmerman
09-16-2014Denise B
Had a molar extracted with Dr. Benjamin Timmerman this morning and he explained that he would be using the DentalVibe. He had just received it yesterday. It worked GREAT! I had a totally pain free experience. Thanks!

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-16-2014Nicole H
Very comfortable

Dr. Lie Ying Periu
09-16-2014Justen J
I tried this for the first time today and thought that there was too much vibration.

Dr. Tony Dey
09-15-2014Paul M
I had an old filling replaced. My treatment was quick, efficient, pain-free and very professional. I'm 100% happy with the service I received.

Dr. Panos Andreou
09-15-2014Jennifer W
I was so nervous about getting the freezing for a filling after previous painful experiences, but when my dentist used the dentalvibe device, I hardly noticed he was even doing the freezing injection until he was almost finished. Instead of extreme pain and prolonged discomfort, I just felt a brief, mild stinging and then it was over! What a difference! No more anxiety!

Dr. Paula Skowronski-Adamiak
09-15-2014Margaret S
Truly painless injection. I will never be afraid again!

Dr. Edwin Schoenenberger
09-15-2014Tracey B

Dr. Mark Liberati
It was so much nicer with the dental I truly didn't feel the needle go in at all. Awesome tool wish they were invented 20 years ago maybe at the age of 50 I wouldn't have waited so long between dental visits.

Dr. Alex Avanessian
09-15-2014Margaret H
pain free indeed! I had a bone and gum graphing done in the lower back side of my mouth. I am a very sensitive dental patient . This was my first experience and I did not feel any pain.

Dr. Erik Peterson
09-15-2014Justin C
Amazed at how well it worked!!!

Dr. Linda Sarett
09-15-2014Elizabeth E
Painless injections today!!! Amazing.

Dr. Jose Cruz
09-15-2014Ellie C
Very good

Dr. Vanchit John
09-15-2014Scott F
I am very paranoid when it comes to visiting a dentist. As a youth, I had my mother and a dental assistant holding me in a chair while having procedures done. I have broken my front teeth more times than I can count. Each tooth (8

Dr. Sandeep Sood
09-15-2014Letisha W
It was a great experience. Dr. Sandeep Sood used the dental vibe to ease the pain. I felt no pain at all. Thanks Dr. Sood.

Dr. Anthony Visconti
09-15-2014Kathy S
I always dread any work that is done that requires injections, expecially on the roof of my mouth. Dr Visconti used the dentalvibe and the difference was amazing. I barely felt the needle. Thank you so much for developing this amazing tool.

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson
09-15-2014Donna D
Awesome, completely pain free! I didn't at all feel the injection. Amazing!

Dr. Bassil Cuffy
09-14-2014Thomas G
I had an excellent experience with the Dental Vibe. I did not feel any of the shots that Dr. Cuffy needed to put into my gums. I had 4 teeth repaired and was relieved to feel no pain. Thank you.

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-14-2014Rebecca P
Needing multiple shot of novacaine for a recent procedure,my dentist used Dental Vibe.It truly helped in easing the pinch and pain of the shots. Great product!!

Dr. Brian Vence
09-13-2014Ann R
I have always been a person who needs lots of Novocain and that is usually the worst part of the dental process even though Dr. Vence jiggles my lip or cheek before administering the shots. Many times, more shots are needed. Well, I came to last dental appointment and there was this device on the stand with the Novocain shot instrument. After some fun banter with the dental hygienist and the Dr. about how desperate they must be for business that they would have to incorporate a vibrator into his practice, the doctor began using the dentalvibe while administering the copious Novocain shots. Well, that is where the bantering stopped and the amazement began. I couldn't believe that this device could dull and even eliminate the pain of all the shots in my mouth including the ones in the roof of my mouth! I'm so glad someone decided to investigate, experiment, and devise such a device. My mouth thanks you :)

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
09-13-2014Laurel T
I went in for a cleaning had to get a wisdom tooth pulled and the shot was seriously pain free because of the vibe. I won't get anything done without it. It was the best visit I have had

Dr. Nhan Dao
09-13-2014Brandon N
Wow, I finally got to relax on the execution chair :) What a great device.

Dr. John Shi
09-13-2014James K
Very satisfied and pain free.

Dr. Peter Hwang
09-13-2014Gregory R
My teeth cleaning was very good and painless.

Dr. Stephen Carosello
09-13-2014Bill T
Definitely less pain the standard injection.

Dr. Robert Thousand III
09-13-2014Teresa B
This was my very first root canal and I was very nervous about the procedure. Mostly worried about having pain. Dr. Thousand made sure that I was comfortable the evening before and the day of. He was very caring and assured me that it would be painfree. He was right and I felt no pain and the procedure quick. I never would have imagined it being so easy and painless but it was.

Dr. Max Teja
I always dread going to the dentist (especially because of the syringe),but I was amazingly surprise not to feel any pain thanks to Dr. Teja.

Dr. Daniel Reich
09-12-2014Owen S
Had a pain-free injection prior to a labial frenectomy at the office of Dr. Daniel Reich. No pinch at all!!

Dr. Eric Etheridge
09-12-2014Suzette N

Dr. Mark Liberati
09-12-2014Norma C
Pain free. Was good experience. Better than before.

Dr. Joseph Silberman
09-12-2014Patrick L
I had two cavities filled on one side of my mouth and the dental vibe tool truly made the experience of receiving local numbing shots a painless one.

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
09-12-2014norman p
my experience was pain free did not have pain with shot in gums thank you dentalvibe.

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
09-12-2014David G
Good no pain dental work

Dr. Alex Avanessian
09-12-2014Caitlin G
With the DentalVibe I received twelve injections without any awareness of them! I was so surprised when my doctor gave me the news! This device made my oral surgery so much less painful. Thanks DentalVibe!

Dr. David Radovich
09-11-2014Laura G
Truly amazed how painless my injection was with the DentalVibe. I would highly recommend to everyone!

Dr. Russell Kelly
09-11-2014Kimberly P
So my dentist tells me he's going to use the "dental vibe" on me and my first thought was...Huh?? I've had a lot of dental work done recently, and while my dentist does an amazing job...those needles pokes hurt :-/ I couldn't believe how well the dental vibe worked. It's painless vibration completely reduced the pain I usually feel when receiving those numbing shots. The next time he says "I'm using the dental vibe" my response will be "yay!"

Dr. Neela Patel
09-11-2014Debra P
I have a lot of anxiety during my dental visits that require more invasive procedures. Seeing the needle just makes it worse for me. Dr Patel used the Dentalvibe & I literally didn't feel anything at all. Didn't even realize the needle was being inserted into my gum..What an INCREDIBLE device!

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
09-11-2014Ray A
Love my dentist. Like this new way of giving shots. Does not hurt as bad as conventional shots.


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