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DentalVibe® for pain-free injections.


Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-31-2014Brian G
Excellent Excellent

Dr. Jeff Labishak
07-31-2014Larry H
It made the whole experience much better than any other I have had. Had very little pain or discomfort

Dr. Bassil Cuffy
Very pleasant, no pain

Dr. Theo Spyrakis
07-31-2014Natalie P
Great experience. I don't generally like visits to the dentist however, this is definitely the best dentist experience I've had. It wasn't as painful as I'd anticipated, I was comfortable and in less than one hour Theo extracted two of my wisdom teeth. I would highly recommend Theo for any dental work whether it be minor or major.

Dr. Brian Allen
07-31-2014Terrence J

Dr. Fadi Samman
07-31-2014Beth M
Dr. Samman is always gentle with me.

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-31-2014Kathy N
Nice staff!

Dr. Marc Spector
07-31-2014Walter S
It is a wonderful tool, and I did not feel pain while the anesthetic was being injected. Recommended@

Dr. Selma Yucedal
07-31-2014Nathan L
I went in earlier today to receive five fillings. Before my dentist gave me the novocaine shots, she put the Dental Vibe in first, but didnt say what it was or what she was doing. I assumed it was some sort of topical shot and the vibrations helped it penetrate. After the second shot on, she explained to me what it was and asked if i had felt any pinching or pain. The only thing i had felt were the vibrations. i was blown away when she said I was given two shots whilst using it. I didn't feel a THING! Needless to say i was more than impressed with its effectiveness and the lack of any sort of pain. My only regret is not having any of my prior dentists use this wonderful tool!

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-31-2014Abbagail J
Pain free shot! I only felt the vibration.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-31-2014Nick D
Simple I didn't feel any pain it was awesome

Dr. Selma Yucedal
07-31-2014Lois B
Over 50 years of fearing the anesthetic dental needle. DentalVibe has solved my dental dilemma. Thank you and Dr. Yucedal for this marvelous invention.

Dr. Paul Cardon
Filling correction done right! @Stadiumdentalcenter

Dr. Eric Eby
07-31-2014Jeff H
My experience with Dr. Eby is always fantastic!

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-31-2014tessis j
no pain whatsoever. Now I'm afraid of the needle.

Dr. Dustin Jacobs
07-31-2014Kristina F
Dr. Dustin Jacobs is definitely a pain-Free Doctor. He is very patient with his patients. He is extremely Thorough and I would follow his practice for as long as he is practicing here in Georgia. When people ask why I drive so far away from my home to go to the Dentist, I simply say, "Dr.Jacobs Does not make it hurt"

Dr. Alice Lam
07-31-2014Donna G
Over the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of having two Dentits who are highly trained and who keep up with all of the lastest techology associated with their field. I have had the dental vibe used on me twice! Once on 6/12/14 and again today, 7/31/14. I have told friends and family that it is truly a miracle tool. I have always had to be heavily numbed. To the point were I can feel the liguar radiating in my jaw thru the different nerves. Both times, Dr Lam used the dental vibe. The entire process using needles to deadned the area FAIR LESS painful. I am so pleased she is the professional she is...on the cutting edge of dentistry. I would recommend this instrument to every professional in the field. Thank you! Donna Grady

Dr. Randy Robertson
07-31-2014dodie t
I had the best dental experience in all of my 41 years today at Dr. Robertson's office!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-31-2014Enid J
Another experience with the Dentalvibe this time on my face. It was ultimately the best needle experience I've had in the past two years of having that procedure done. Hats off to the brains behind this innovative piece of equipment. It truly takes the fear of needles away.

Dr. Zoe Collier
07-31-2014Terry S
Loved it. Did not even notice that the Dentist was giving me the shots.

Dr. Roy Theriot
07-31-2014Paul G
virtually painless wisdom tooth extraction. Tooth was gone before I realized it! The device should have been playing the Beach Boys tune "Good Vibrations" Much better than any previous experience.

Dr. Nelson Smith
07-31-2014Matthew C
Dr.Nelson Smith made my dentist experience pain-free. He calmed my fears with the latest new innovative dental tools and thoroughly detailed his every step by step dental care towards my dental repairs. The dentalVibe provided a pain-free shot to shot miraculous experience. Wow not ow !!!

Dr. Robert Harelick
07-31-2014Aaron L
It definitely lessened the pinch of the needle.

Dr. William Dunn
07-30-2014paul b
definately less discomfort than without the dentalvibe.

Dr. Michael Bolten
07-30-2014Deborah F
It was not painful and I only felt vibrations not any needles poking into me!!

Dr. Robert Adair
07-30-2014scott r
had to have a wisdom tooth removed. this was the first time that I have had one removed. I was a little scared from all of the stories that I have heard about the procedure. but was very surprised on how much it did not hurt. Dr. Robert Adair told me that he was going to use the vibe to help with the numbing and over all pain.

Dr. Simon Lin
07-30-2014Julie Y
Very painless

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-30-2014Katelyn L
it was very comfortable

Dr. Izzy Naem
07-30-2014maribel R
Not painfull of course depends on the doctor

Dr. Zoe Collier
07-30-2014Monica D
OMG, I'm such a big baby about needles. I never knew the shot was going in. And it was up top in the front. It doesn't get any better than this. Plus it's the day after and my gums aren't sore like they normally are after shots. Most outstanding!!!!

Dr. Joseph Picone
07-30-2014Dawn C
I needed to have the bonding on my front teeth replaced but my mouth needed to be numbed first. The first needle ALWAYS hurts but my dentist used the Dentalvibe first and I felt nothing! It was a great experience and alleviated my anxiety over the rest of the procedure.

Dr. Robert Carpenter
07-30-2014Carlos A
Good work

Dr. Daniel Pence
07-30-2014Susan K
Good pain control on buccal injection. While still feeling "pinch" on palate side, pain was not that bad

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-30-2014Christine D
I couldn't even feel the needle!

Dr. Brad Perlstein
07-30-2014Edmund M
Didn't know the needle went in! Could not feel a thing. Where was this 60 years ago? Well done.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-30-2014Alicia S
Great! Good vibes, not painful

Dr. Jerome Kayatta
07-30-2014Anna D
I didn't feel any pain the entire time the dentist was working on my teeth.

Dr. Paul Cardon
07-30-2014Todd B
Got a cavity filled by Dr. Cardon and it was very quick and painless. I never mind going to their office because everyone is always so nice and they do a great job.

Dr. Robert Piedalue
07-30-2014Otto E
Had to get a broken tooth fixed... in and out in 15 min.

Dr. Wayne Young
07-30-2014Tyler B
Cana gas foreman

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-30-2014Bill B
Just returned from 3 Surf Post Comp

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-30-2014David Y
My first dental filling was placed in the 1950s by a then dental icon in Birmingham, AL. He used no numbing agent at all that first time. Later when he did begin injecting it was not a pleasant experience. The DentalVibe has now completely flipped my old views of the dental care scenario from trepidation to assurance. Thank you!!

Dr. Daniel Pence
07-30-2014Matthew A
My 7yr old son was laughing when the Dr gave him the shot. Can't get better then that....

Dr. Mike Mysinger
07-30-2014cindy p

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-29-2014Glenda S
My last experience was so pleasant that I didn't even feel the injection. When I sensed my mouth getting numb, I realized that the injection was already done. Dr. Hubbard explained the entire process. He is always using innovative procedures to keep his practice one step ahead of other dentists. This is why we continue to use Dr. Hubbard's practice.

Dr. Alex Matheson
07-29-2014Vicky K
I went to Dr. Matheson for a routine checkup and to have a small cavity filled. I am always very anxious at the dentist as it makes me very nervous. Dr. Matheson was beginning to give me an injection before he began the work on my cavity. He explained that he had this new device that uses vibration to block the sensation of the pain. So when you get the injection you don't feel the pain. I was a little apprehensive, but he was right!! This was great! This device is amazing. It has really made my fear of dental visits a thing of the past. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I can honestly tell you that it has made such a difference for me that if I ever had to choose another dentist having this device would be a necessity!

Dr. Lana Atchley
07-29-2014Brody S
The Dental Vibe injection comfort system helped make my dental visit more comfortable. I had to get two teeth pulled and I was very nervous. My dentist used a new instrument on me and it was cool! I was scared at first, but it was not near as bad as I thought it would be! It really wasn't bad at all.

Dr. Lana Atchley
07-29-2014Courtney A
My 12 year old son had to have two adult teeth on the bottom extracted due to his teeth being impacted. When he went in Dr. Atchley's office he was shaking uncontrollably because he was so nervous. He must have asked them a million questions about the different tools they were going to use on him. They then showed him the Dental Vibe tool. They touched his had with it and showed him what it felt like. I then left out of the room because I will pass out if I continued to watch. Afterwards, when they called me back in the room he was questioning the Dr. on the tool's name because he wanted to get one. They said that tool really calmed him down. I am so thankful it did! Thank you!

Dr. Marjan Garmestani
07-29-2014francisco v
Very Good!

Dr. Robert Hull
07-29-2014Dorothy G
During a visit to my dentist today the "DentalVibe" was used while administering medicine before my procedures were done. I HATE needles but with this procedure I felt either very little or no pain at all. I was very pleasantly surprised and would recommend this to others.

Dr. Tyler Williams
07-29-2014Adali A
I was so nervous for my first root canal. The pain free experience made the whole visit that much better! I couldn't even look at those huge needles and I also didn't have to feel them either :)

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-29-2014Connor J
When I got the shot I barely felt it go in. It only hurt for a second when the shot went in but other than that it was great. I have had the shot before without the dental vibe and it hurt a lot more than it did with the dental vibe. I recommend the dental vibe.

Dr. Olga Reyes
07-29-2014Angela V
pain free

Dr. Dennis Burgner
As I walked to the door everyone was really friendly, Dr. Dennis was so far the best dentist I ever seen, my teeth feel really clean and refreshing, Ms. Candy was funny and friendly I really enjoyed my visit and is a definitely a satisfied client and I would definitely recommended to others.

Dr. John Rodriquez
07-29-2014Priya S
The nurses were so nice and the hygenist did a wonderful job

Dr. Baback Emami
07-29-2014Angela T

Dr. Jane Soxman
07-29-2014Morgan B
I went into the Dentist office today with a negative attitude thinking about the pain I was about to endure. I was sitting in the chair waiting for the dentist to come numb my tooth. When they came in I was very scared, and didn't want it to hurt. She whipped out this new tool called the DentalVibe and the apparently gave me a shot! I didn't even realize untill i was very numb that they had already given me the injection, and I didn't feel a thing thanks to the DentalVibe that vibrates to stop my injection pain. I am so glad that i didn't have to go through the injection pain, because that is definitely the worst part!

Dr. Jennifer Chace
07-29-2014KAREN B
I finally worked up my nerve to get a filling done on my upper back moler. The dental assistant at Dr. Jennifer Chase's office was telling me I was going to feel a vibration. That's all I felt. I never felt the needle stick me (4) times... Later during the procedure that actually had to numb the inside of the tooth. Again, the used the dental vibe, and although i could feel the needle pressure the vibration distracted the actual pain that a shot normally causes....THIS IS A GREAT DENTAL TOOL! GREAT JOB DENTALVIBE.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-29-2014Melonie W
My SoN Didn't FeelAnything!

Dr. Fred Jones

Dr. Naum Grafman
07-29-2014Michele R
Dr. Naum Grafman used the dentalvibe technique on me and it was not painful and helped make my experience less frightening. I was so nervous about this visit but because of my good experience I am not nervous about my next visit. He was so gentle and caring and his technique helped alleviate my nerves. I will tell all my friends about his technique and his caring chairside mannerism. I give him two thumbs up!!!!!

Dr. Mike Mysinger
07-29-2014Bobbi J
We had out best experience at the dentist yesterday when Dr. Mike Mysinger used your DentalVibe tool on my son Dylan. This was the second time using it and it was such a success. Dylan has had a couple procedures prior and was dreading the shots to numb his gums for an extraction. It was completely pain free and a great dental experience. Thank you so much for your continued improvement in medical equipment.

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-28-2014Lorean M
Pain free experience.

Dr. Steven Stec
07-28-2014Simon V
Pain free visit as always with Dr Stec

Dr. Ford Gatgens
07-28-2014Nichole C
Dr. Ford Gatgens

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-28-2014Christy B
I had a wonderful experience using this product!

Dr. Thomas Schneider
07-28-2014Cyndi T
Had a great experience at the dentist today. I hope it's always like this

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
07-28-2014Gary J
Amazingly pain-free, and it seemed to help the anesthetic take effect quicker.

Dr. Laren Garfield
07-28-2014Marcin T
Great tool, I almost did not feel the injection :)

Dr. Jonathan Van Beek
07-28-2014betty s
worked well, felt mild pain

Dr. Michael Bell
07-28-2014Mark T
During the injections, Dr.Bell used Dental vibe. It worked to distract my mind . Brilliant

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-28-2014ellen s
Again this week, I had to have some painful dental shots but the DentalVibe reduces the pain considerably.

Dr. Ben Mandel
07-28-2014Lyn P
When I recently needed to have a molar extracted, I was pleasantly surprised that numbing my tooth using the Dental Vibe was so much easier than I had expected! There was no discomfort and it was virtually pain free! Compared to my past experiences,it really helped a whole lot! I'm very glad my dentist, Dr. Mandel, has this, and now I know I can relax and be anxiety-free next time. So happy this was invented...Thank you!

Dr. Ford Gatgens
07-28-2014Jerry L
loved the new technology--did not feel the shots and one actually went in with a bent needle.

Dr. Paul Kaplan
07-28-2014Karen S
Great experience - no pain!!!

Dr. Mike Mysinger
07-28-2014Chasity A

Dr. Jennifer Chace
07-28-2014Dawn W
The dental vibe was good as it redirected my thoughts toward the vibration rather than the needle.

Dr. Fred Jones
07-28-2014Chuck H
I had a terrible absessed tooth but felt no pain when the dental vibe was used.

Dr. Natalia Elson
07-28-2014james p
I went to Dr.Natalia Elson today for a tooth extraction. she told me that she would be using a tool to make the injection of the numbing agent much more tolerable. My experience with Dr.Elson was great. I hate needles and the dentalvibe system definitely made it much easier to take. Dr.Elson was also very professional and made the whole experience very comfortable for me.

Dr. Anthony Mendez
07-28-2014Emily P
Was so wonderful, absolutely no pain. I want this every time I need a shot in my mouth. Makes going to the dentist 100% better

Dr. Robert Piedalue
07-28-2014Jan H
Cleaning the dentist and assistant were very professional and helpful.

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-28-2014Elisa B
It was great,

Dr. Charles Broussard
07-28-2014JoAnn L
had no problems with reconstruction work.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-28-2014Melonie W
Helped So Much!

Dr. Michael Miner
07-28-2014Nathan P
I found it to be effective . Very minimal feeling . I can't even say I felt pain . It makes needles a less intimidating experience

Dr. Richard Caven
07-28-2014Marjorie H
DentalVibe kept me from feeling any pain from the shot!

Dr. Robert Wade
07-28-2014Ann S
Fantastic! Sara loves Dr. Wade so much!!

Dr. Lie-Ying Periu
07-28-2014Sharon J
No pain! Awesome.

Dr. Lana Atchley
07-27-2014michael b
The experience was very good. I didn't feel the injection at all hardly and the only noticeable discomfert came with the withdrawal of the needle. Thought it was a good deal that helped eliminate much of the discomfert. I'd recommend it and give it a 8 out of 10.

Dr. Michael Beeler
07-27-2014JUSTINA F
very nice environment and polite staff with great dental work

Dr. Erik Peterson
07-27-2014Jan F
I had gone to Dr Peterson for a crown. He told me of a new method he would like to try & I said sure. At some point I asked if he was going to give me a shot and he informed me that he already had. It had not hurt at all. And I felt like it didn't take as long for my mouth to numb. Was a great experience.

Dr. Herman Tong
07-27-2014Gwen Y
i received dentalvibe injection for a tooth extraction and it was absolutely pain free

Dr. Jon Julian
07-27-2014Heidi S
It was excellent in every single thing they didm

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-27-2014Irshad P
This was amazing!, I am a person who dislikes needles of any type! With this injection however, I hardly felt anything at all! Excellent item!

Dr. Louise Goulet
07-27-2014michel m
Dr.Louise Goulet ! wow...

Dr. Christopher McCash
07-26-2014John S
5 month check up

Dr. Christopher McCash
07-26-2014Grace S
6 month check up

Dr. Simon Lin
07-26-2014Ya F

Dr. Gary Rosenblatt
07-26-2014Maria C
I was expecting to feel the apinful needles, and to my surprise, I didn't feel any pain. I had to ask the Dr. if it was done. I didn't know if he gave me the needles or not. Wonderful!

Dr. Philip Sallberg
07-25-2014Terrie D
I did not like it, brought tears to my one eye, and seemed somewhat painful.

Dr. Ford Gatgens
07-25-2014Mechele F
To whom it may concern,Wow, NO PAIN, what an Amazing Invention! Recently, I had a dental procedure with a new dentist where he used the DentalVibe System. The doctor explained that he was going to use a new device to help relieve the pain from the numbing medicine being given.My past dental experiences have been very painful and normally the shot prior to procedure is the worst pain. My perception when receiving the shot feels like a 40 gage needle being shoved in my jaw and with a Horrible Sting. This recent experience, there was no pain, just pressure. Wow really that is usually the worst part of dental work.If I had experienced DentalVibe 10 years ago, I would have been more proactive about my dental care. Instead the memory of pain had created a fear of dental work. Now with the DentalVibe, I can handle it with less anxiety and apprehension. I truly did not feel the sting of the numbing medicine being given. Again, thank you for this amazing invention.Thank YouMechele Felts

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-25-2014Cindi B
the most pain free dental visit I've ever encountered. So much better than the needle for the novacaine...thank you for this product. I am recommending my dentist to everyone. Thanks

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-25-2014Ryan C
The device successfully distracted me from the numbing process, didn't feel it at all!

Dr. Yara Lopez
07-25-2014Lizbeth M
My experience at Upland Spa Dentistry was wonderful! The dentist was really nice and genital. I received good information about work that need to be done to my teeth and am defiantly coming back soon!

Dr. Janice Weinman
07-25-2014Susan S
I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time due to personal issues and actually being scared of previous painful experiences with other dental offices. However, I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted and Dr. Weinman used the dental vibe for injection comfort. I am extremely satisfied with the experience I had and would DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone in the future!! Thank you so much, DentalVibe and the awesome staff at Seguin Smiles!!

Dr. Brian Vence
07-25-2014chris o
Much less painful that the older method.

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-25-2014Michaelene A
Easy,fast,and didn't feel any pain.

Dr. Dat Mang
07-25-2014Mark Z
Most pain free dental visit I have ever had. I would definiatly recommend it.

Dr. James Knott
07-25-2014Ann C
I felt like it really eased the pain of the shots!!!

Dr. Russell Kelly
07-25-2014JANINE W
Dr. Russell Kelly

Dr. C. Stanley Mitchell Jr.
07-25-2014Pauline M
It is often said that the most dreaded life experiences are dying and speaking in public. Until recently I would also venture to add also going to the dentist. This last fear was eradicated when a friend recommended me to Dr. C. Stanley Mitchell in East Point, GA. Dr. Mitchell and his staff do everything they can to remove the dread from every visit to their office. On my last visit had a most pleasant surprise from Dr. Mitchell when he introduced me to a new injection comfort system called DentalVibe. One would not think that you could use the word injection and comfort at any time together; almost sounds like an oxymoron. Pull out a needle in front of me for any injection and my heart starts to race and my palms become damp with perspiation at the anticipation of unwanted PAIN! Dr. Mitchell took time to thoroughly explain the process of the new injection comfort system and allowed me to ask questions and I slowly felt my pulse come back to normal range. Then the the 'Vibe' began which was like a mini gum massage that 1) created a distraction that made me focus less on the needle and more on the 'massage' 2) although I was aware of the needle going in, I barely cringed as I usually do during this process, and 3) it was over before I even knew it. Thank God for ingenuity!! and for doctors who care enough about their patients to make them comfortable by any means necessary.

Dr. Steven Stec
07-25-2014Stan C
Fantastic! !! Didn't feel a thing.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-25-2014John P
Great gadget, did not feel needle

Dr. Doreen Peterson
The dental vibe makes my shots pain free! The dental vibe is amazing!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-25-2014Abigail R
my experience was as said pain first my mouth felt funny, but oom after that I felt nothing the whole time.

Dr. Simon Lin
07-25-2014samantha b
I had four wisdom removed and the the dentalvibe was used while i got the numbing injections.

Dr. Brian Vence
07-25-2014Wayne P
The DentalVibe made my anesthetic injections completely pain free.

Dr. Donna Barber
07-25-2014Janice O
It's a miracle! Dr. Barber used her new vibrator thingy device and I did not even realize I had also had the novocaine injections! No pain at all. Thanks!

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
07-24-2014Andrea S
No pain

Dr. Jonathan Van Beek
07-24-2014Sharon J
I felt one needle would have been quicker, however the freezing seem to go fast and no pain during procedure.

Dr. James Wallace
Dr. Wallace used this device while administering a local anesthesia. barely felt a slight stick in the roof of my mouth. this device should be in every dentist's arsenal of tools.

Dr. Amit Dhar
07-24-2014SHINI X
The dental vibe injection for local anesthesia was a experience for me to escalate drom the hell of pain to the heaven of comfort. I am no more scared to go for dental work. I talked about it to my friends and family. Thank u for such a great pain free introduction oflocal anesthesia injection therapy.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-24-2014Steve M
I went in for a tooth removal and Dr. Doreen Peterson made sure it was as painless as possible. I would surely recommend Dr. Peterson to all my friends with tooth aches.

Dr. Dat Nguyen
07-24-2014Misael J
Pain-free and a great start to a dental treatment. Thank you!

Dr. Dat Nguyen
07-24-2014Erika V

Dr. Herman Tong
07-24-2014Kristen T
It was great! The freezing is usually the part I am most nervous about but the Dental Vibe made it pain-free!

Dr. Nicholas Papadea
07-24-2014Larry B

Dr. Kalpesh Patel
07-24-2014Jon M
Painless. I was aware what it was for without being explained. Hardly felt anything while it was used against my gum. Thank you!

Dr. Herman Tong
07-24-2014JASJIT S
It was a great tool. I always had the phobia of needles but this gadget has given me a a outlook. I will visit my dentist more often now thanks to dental vibe. Cheers!!!!!!!!

Dr. Robert McFarlane
07-24-2014Julie S
My son had a tooth removed and said it was much less painful then other times. Great Experience.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
Worked like a charm! Made the shot much better!

Dr. Bassil Cuffy
07-24-2014John E
It really was quite nice. I have had fillings before, and the pain never bothered me. This time I really was suprised how I did not feel virtually anything.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-24-2014Jennifer S
I loved the Dental Vibe! So painless!

Dr. George Arvanitis
07-24-2014chantel f

Dr. Ford Gatgens
07-24-2014Joshua H
I had a bad too the pulled that gave some problems but Dr. Gathens and staff made sure to keep me as comfortable as I could be with no pain.

Dr. Russell Kelly
07-24-2014Jamie W
It was a distraction from the needle and it lessened the pain. It was worth it.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-24-2014Nicole S
I was afraid beacause the needles are painful. Dr Peterson used dentil vibe. I did not feel any pain from the needle. So now I was not afraid anymore.

Dr. Phillip Frist
07-24-2014Clay L
I didn't feel anything with it and had a great time.

Dr. Linda Sarett
Good experience, Hurts so much less!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-24-2014Enid j
The experience this morning was amazing as I was awaiting for the insert of the needle but it never came. I was truly distracted by the DentalVibe. I think it is an incredible piece of equipment.

Dr. Jim Rice
07-24-2014Denise M
Because of my fear of the dentist and needles I did not visit the dentist on a regular basis. My recent visit was for an emergency extraction. I had to have a tooth taken out. Even though Dr. Rice is mostly gentle it didn't help. I became nervous and fearful. He said he had something that might help me and used the DentalVibe. What a great device. The needles were truly less painful with the DentalVibe. This Innovation will help a lot of people be less fearful of the dentist. This will help others to visit their dentist more often and on a regular basis. It helped me.

Dr. Paula Skowronski-Adamiak
07-23-2014Svitlana H

Dr. Zana Alnaqib
07-23-2014Alison H
Great, really took sharp needle pain away.

Dr. Michael Miner
07-23-2014Maria d

Dr. Varo Boyer
07-23-2014erika p
I love the DentalVibe ! I have a fear of needles but this helped SO much. Now Im not afraid to get my work done as long as we use the Dental Vibe =)

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-23-2014Jacqueline S
Dental vibe was so pain free, I didn't even realise it was an injection. I was able to endure a filling with no pain at all.

Dr. Anne Lyon
07-23-2014Jacob W
The numbing felt the same! Great technology!

Dr. Jim Rice
07-23-2014Cara M
DentalVibe decreased pain at the injection site during my dental appointment this morning.

Dr. Brad Perlstein
07-23-2014Kaitlyn C
Got a cavity filled, and with the Dental Vibe, the pain of the Novocain injection was greatly diminished! I barely felt it, and as someone who doesn't like needles, it's a relief.

Dr. William Van Dyke
07-23-2014Patricia S
Dr. Rachel Van Dyke and staff were extremely courteous. They took the time to explain things without treating me like a child. They were all very courteous and professional. I am recommending them to everyone!

Dr. Stacey Sanford
07-23-2014Anita S
This was a new way to distract me from the thought of needles - I liked it.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-23-2014Veronica G
Another totally pain free experience... Love it!!!!!

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
07-23-2014Samantha D
The Dental Vibe tool made the whole "needle experience" so much better!! I hate needles, so any tool that can reduce my anxiety some and make my experience pain-free gets a A+ in my book!!

Dr. Mark Brahs
07-23-2014Gary H
This was the most pain free dental experience I have ever had. I had a moler extracted and never felt a thing after my dentist used the DentalVibe! What a great invention. I'm not sure why other dentists and specialists are not using it. I will definitely recommend it on my next visits. It should be a requirement!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-23-2014Laura P
I hate and fear dental work more than anything!! It's awful. Today I had dental work done and Dr. Peterson used the dental vibe to administer the shot. To my surprise and elation, I couldn't feel anything!! Now I know all of my future dental visits will be pain-free. Thanks a lot!!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-23-2014Francis L
Very pleasurable experience! Dental vibe felt like my toothbrush and I could hardly tell when they numbed my gums.

Dr. Timothy Baggott
07-23-2014Lauren T
Dr. Baggott was numbing my tooth for a not so pleasant cavity utilizing the dental vibe, where my brain thought more about the vibrations than the syringe on my tooth. It was a great and painless experience!!!

Dr. Jonathan Van Beek
07-23-2014Harriett R

Dr. Amit Dhar
07-23-2014Sandeep S

Dr. Ford Gatgens
07-23-2014Brandi J
Worked great! Would definitely recommend.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-23-2014Lyn P
Everything went very well. There was no pain as a result of the Dental Vibe.

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-23-2014William H
Awesome , no pain

Dr. Scott Cohen
07-23-2014Lynne C
Fabulous and painless experience! It was wonderful!

Dr. Benjamin Record
07-22-2014Lana B
It was kind of like a shot but it a pinch to make my mouth num.

Dr. Ryan Brunworth
07-22-2014Tracy V
My daughter went from full blown anxiety attack from fear of the injection before a filling to stating "that was easy"!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-22-2014Raquel D
A trulypainless and trouble free vibration.

Dr. Randy Robertson
07-22-2014Russell A

Dr. Steven Brock
07-22-2014Jonna T

Dr. Nicholas Papadea
07-22-2014Larry B
Pain Free.

Dr. Lie-Ying Periu
07-22-2014Donald J
I needed a crown. This procedure was completely pain free. Fantastic!

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-22-2014Arthurlene P
No matter how many times I go to the dentist, I'm always afraid. The sound of the drill and the anxiety of pain is always there. I have to get the maximum amount of shots to numb my mouth.I have the fear that when the dentist starts to drill I won't be numb and fell the pain.The new system worked just as the dentist said.It worked quickly and continued to work to numb my mouth as he worked. Knowing this for future visits just takes all the worry and unpleasantness from going to the dentist.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-22-2014Richard P
I have trouble getting numb, so I had three shots, all using the dental vibe. I'm happy to say that the shots were all pain free :-)

Dr. Ray Elliotte
07-22-2014Stefan B
Had a great experience! Highly recommend it!

Dr. Luis Calixto
07-22-2014R o
I no longer fear the experience of going to the dentist ,pain free the only way to go. Thanks so much Robbie Allen.

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-22-2014Cathy C
I have had this used on me three times now - so much better than a large shot. I don't mind it at all, and that is saying something!

Dr. Greg Bialek
07-22-2014Tabitha F
Pain free experience.

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
07-22-2014Jane H
Most "pleasant" for an injection. Was surprised at the low level of discomfort.

Dr. Anna Barantsevich
07-22-2014Priscilla M
I'm always very nervous before any dental procedure and the needle pinch is the main reason.I was pleasantly surprised when my dentist introduced the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System as a tool to reduce the pain and awareness of the needle. The vibrations definitely help reduce the pinching sensation and increased my comfort during the procedure. I hope this is a tool that sticks around!

Dr. Roberto Palmieri
07-22-2014Patrick K
Your product really aided my experience when getting fillings. Highly recommend it!

Dr. Mark Berdahl
07-22-2014Jodie J
I'm 53. Female. I've had a lot of dentist visits! But this week I went into have some teeth done and was full of anxiety ! The first step of course is the shots. My awesome dentist suggested I try the new pain free DentalVibe and I said of course!!! All I could say was WOW!! It is Awesome! I hate those shots and this was PAINLESS! And instance numb! Just one more step in making the trip to the dentist way better! I would and have told all my friends and family about this!! OH and my dentist is just as AwESOME!! Dr.Mark Berdahl! SiouxFalls SD. THANKYOU all !!

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-22-2014Laurencia B

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-22-2014Nathan F

Dr. Nelson Smith
07-22-2014Stacey M
The DentalVibe device makes receiving Novocain shots bearable--FINALLY!

Dr. Steven Miller
Pain-Free, quick, all the staff is super nice, Best denist I have ever been too.

Dr. Ray Elliotte
07-22-2014George M
Dental vibe helped make for a pain-free experience, thanks!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-22-2014Diane D
Had a really tough tooth pulled with minimal discomfort. Love dentalvibe.

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-22-2014Jub B
Its a painless experience.

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-22-2014Timothy B
Excellent, this is a great device felt nothing!

Dr. Ross Quartano
07-21-2014Thomas M
I had my first visit with Dr. Q this morning. Nothing better than having your 1st visit be a root canal!! I really dislike all of the things associated with a root canal (needles, drills, anxiety and nervousness). At the start of the procedure, as Dr. Q was about to start with the novacaine injections , he placed the dentalvibe near the injection site. Didn't feel a thing, during the injection process....totally awesome as I am highly averse to pain!! I will no longer be nervous or anxious prior to any procedure requiring novacaine thanks to dentalvibe.

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-21-2014EDGAR L
I visit me dentist to get a filling put in and dr. Liberati tell me about the pain free injection system they got and says do you want to try it, i said sure but still thinking I'm going to feel something and what do you know I'm still waiting to feel a pinch or something. I'll get that every time i go to the dentist now.

Dr. Ralph Parkin
07-21-2014Annette B
I would like to say that my exoerience was good, but truthfully it wasn't. I have a pretty high pain threshhold but when the dentist put that buzzing instrument inside my mouth, it felt like I was being stung continuously. I'm sorry. I wish I had higher praise for you. It seems like it should be a really good idea.

Dr. Christopher McCash
07-21-2014Magali S
Dr Christopher McCash

Dr. Alexander Gelman
07-21-2014Mariya L

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-21-2014Brian G
My experience with dental vibe was excellent

Dr. Thomas Schneider
07-21-2014Jon L
Absolutely no pain. One hour to a successful implant. Wonderful!

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-21-2014ellen s
So much less pain with those horrible shots in the roof of my mouth! thank you so much for your wonderful invention.

Dr. Tate Eble
07-21-2014Bill M
I am 71 years old and have visited the dentist on a regular basis since I was 6 years old. As we all know, that was before Florine in the water to prevent tooth decay. My constant fear from the beginning until now has been THE NEEDLE. The new system used by Dr. Elbe, DentalVibe, has been a Godsend. No pain but a lot of gain. I never felt a thing and the numbing effect seemed to start sooner.

Dr. William Dunn
07-21-2014Helen N
Lake Baldwin Dental is fabulous! What a professional, caring, experienced practice. I've gone from being terrified of the dentist to feeling relaxed and confident, and my kids actually like going to the dentist!

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-21-2014Neil F
No pain at all. Good experience

Dr. Jim Warren
07-21-2014Olga U
Although I love my dentist, Dr. James Warren, I get very nervous just knowing I have to see him. He used DentalVibe on my last appointment and made my visit extremely comfortable. I will never hesitate to visit Dr. Warren again!!

Dr. Bohan Soifer
07-21-2014Peggy A
I am afraid of dentists and did not want to have 2 restorations done. Dr. Soifer and his staff are wonderful. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. My teeth were done in no time and I felt great when I left there.

Dr. Natalia Elson
07-21-2014James S
It was really to my amazement a pain free experience.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-21-2014Rampersad R

Dr. Randy Robertson
07-21-2014Myrna G
It was a great experience. I was very scared about getting a shot in my mouth but with the dental vibe I hardly felt anything and it eased my anxiety.

Dr. Geoffrey Brown
07-21-2014Charisse B

Dr. Stanley Ahn
07-21-2014Yujin H
It was definitely a pain-free experience! My dentist did a great job making me feel comfortable! I am usually nervous going to the dentist office, but the Dental Vibe made me feel very calm!

Dr. Ian Topelson
07-21-2014Leah M
Interesting sensation with this technology. Worked great though.

Dr. Wayne Gary
07-21-2014Brandon L
Great experience

Dr. Wayne Gary
Very great for my sons for appt.

Dr. Wayne Gary
07-21-2014Shanica L
Very great!

Dr. Jay Liu
07-21-2014Leo S

Dr. Christopher Shank
07-21-2014Carlos G
Great experience. Dr. Shank and his staff were very nice and very informative. I felt the doctor cared about me and listened to all my concerns.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-20-2014SanJuana M
Calm pain free experience"

Dr. Michael Miner
07-20-2014Normand B
after experiencing many years of dental work I have never actually enjoyed getting a shot . A you know taking away the thought in the main thing and the dental Vibe does exactly that

Dr. Baback Emami
07-20-2014Scott W

Dr. Cheryle Baptiste
07-20-2014delphine l
It was truly PAIN_FREE! Ask for the next time you go to the dentist.

Dr. Tina Nguyen
07-20-2014Joseph C
Awesome! No pain at all😃

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-20-2014Bruce C
I could not even feel the injection because of the DentalVibe.

Dr. Dennis Burgner
07-19-2014LEWIS H

Dr. Jesse Grimm
07-19-2014Steffany B
Usually dental work makes me rather nervous, but I was shocked knowing the worst part was over after feeling the relaxing sensation of the vibrations. I couldn't even tell that the needle had been injected in my gums. I greatly enjoyed the pain free service of the dental vibe.

Dr. Herman Tong
07-19-2014Kenyon D
I expected some pain, but to mt amazement there was none.

Dr. Bassil Cuffy
07-19-2014Ericka F was awesome not to feel a stick or pinch. I had to have 4 fillings which required the appropite number of injections. And I've always had a phobia about shots.

Dr. James Chen
07-19-2014Wendy S
I was very apprehensive to have two silver fillings replaced. I had terrible experiences as a child causing extreme fear. Dr. Chen used the dentalvibe on me and I was amazed at how easy everything was for me. I will definitely be less fearful of the injection should I need to have future dental work. I wish this device had been available when I had been a child.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-19-2014jamyra t
i thought it was going to hurt but i didnt even feel nothing and i didnt no the teeth was out

Dr. Stacey Sanford
07-18-2014kate r
dental vibe was awesome, i barely felt the needle at all, actually i didn't even know they were using the needle until after they told me. previous times i've had the needle i've been so scared, but with the dental vibe it was basically painless. it was awesome!!!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-18-2014Jocelyn M

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-18-2014Jerome A
Visited Dr. Seeberan's office to have 2 fillings done. In the past I felt some discomfort and pain when the local anesthetic was administered. However this visit was pleasantly different. She used the Dentalvibe whilst administering the local anesthetic and I felt no pain, none whatsoever. Its truly a tool that works and it made my dental procedure a pain free and memorable experience. Hope she uses it again on my next visit haha.

Dr. Thomas Schneider
07-18-2014carolyn g
so caring,gentle, informative,makes dental exp0erience painless,very compassionate about my physical being!!!

Dr. Francisca Johnson
07-18-2014John H
Great experience.

Dr. Peter Hwang
07-18-2014Rosemary E
Shady Grove Dental Group is great - I had four fillings replaced int eh last two weeks, and both of my anesthetic experiences were as comfortable as they could be.

Dr. Dustin Jacobs
07-18-2014Scott F
recieved dentures and it wasn't that bad of a procedure to go through, i think without the dentalvibe being part of it it would of been alot more painful then it was Thanks Dentalvibe!!

Dr. Christina Boesch
07-18-2014Maggie B
My dentist used the dental vibe recently when I was having a crown done. Usually I am a big chicken when it comes to shots, but with the dental vibe I did not feel a thing! I think all dentists should have one of these!!!

Dr. Videsh Deshmukh
07-18-2014Michelle L
My experience was that of a professional,pleasant and pain free experience.I would recommend their services.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-18-2014Diane J
It was painless. Thank you.

Dr. Nick Kavouklis
07-18-2014Katie D
The entire staff was friendly and efficient. I came in to have a tooth repaired, and that is what they did for me. No surprise charges on my bill. I was most impressed by my lack of discomfort during the procedure. In fact, I felt nothing on my broken tooth! I will continue to utilize this practice in the future. Thanks for a refreshing dental experience!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-18-2014Diane J
Not painful.

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-18-2014Steve S
Dr. Jason Niegsch of Ames, Iowa, has done an amazing job of helping my 13 year old son Harry get over his fear of going to the dentist. But on July 17, Harry had to see the doctor to get 2 cavities filled. He's a high energy kid and was very nervous because he knew he would have to get a novacaine shot. He hates needles. Dr. Jason's assistant explained to Harry that wouldn't feel anything thanks to this cool DentalVibe device, which she demonstrated. When Harry was settled in his chair, Dr Jason used the device on his teeth and then gave Harry the shot. Several minutes later, Harry asked Dr. Jason: "Did you give me a shot?" He hadn't felt a thing. I've never seen one of Harry's medical appointments go as smoothly as this one. He was pretty proud of himself afterwards. I was just happy that our dentist has this new tool. It worked miracles with my son.

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-18-2014Joyce G
Good experience - painless is wonderful.

Dr. Laren Garfield
07-17-2014Mark Z
I didn't have any pain when my doctor filled my cavity. I never experienced anything like that before where I didn't feel nothing at all. It made the experience of going to the dentist and having dental work being done a more pleasant experience.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-17-2014John K
Had a dental vibe as a new dental procedure was being done. The dental vibe made an incredible difference, limiting the normal pain from the procedure. I am impressed with the vibe procedure. Thank you for the new instrument.

Dr. Ray Elliotte
07-17-2014Adam E
I have very sensitive gums, and going to the dentist can be very painful for me. But everything from cleaning to numbing was made completely painless thanks to the DentalVibe. I am seriously impressed.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
I was nervous so to me it only hurt just a tab bit. But it was different from most numbing methods overall It was sorta pain free

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-17-2014Jamaal S
I barely even felt it. It felt like nothing was even there

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-17-2014giselle r
I expected a horrible extraction but to my great surprise an did not even realise when it was all over.

Dr. Jonathan Van Beek
07-17-2014Stephen A
The Dental Vibe was quite pleasant...minimized the pain

Dr. Jonathan Van Beek
07-17-2014Lee F
very happy, vibrator while needle was being injected was very nice, virtually no pain.

Dr. Peter Hwang
07-17-2014Dan R
I needed an old filling removed and new filling put in, spur of the moment. Dr. Hwang was able to accommodate me. The experience was indeed pain free and I appreciate the personal attention and his friendly nature. I will definitely use Dr. Hwang for all my dental needs.

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-17-2014Roberta P
Absolutely the best experience at a dentist office ever! I'm a total wimp at the Dentist office. I felt absolutely no pain including the injection of the medicine to numb the area to be worked on. What a great new tool! Thank you!

Dr. Robert Wade
07-17-2014Brian H
My 8-year-old daughter had a smooth and pain free tooth extraction!

Dr. Gabriel Chamblin
07-17-2014Ashley R

Dr. Ross Quartano
07-17-2014Randall B
Wonderful! I was waiting for the injection and when I asked Dr. Quartano he told me that it was done. Didn't feel a thing. It really takes the fear and anxiety out of my dental visits now.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-17-2014Ryan S
Great! Dr. Doreen Peterson is the BEST!

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-17-2014Craig W
I had a pain free injection when my dentist used the Dental Vibe System!!

Dr. Jim Rice
07-17-2014Ashley T
The experience was amazing it was so much better then my other dentist place, it hurt so much during the process but with this new item I didn't feel anything and I loved it so much thanks again!

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-17-2014Lorna D
This was my second visit with Dr. Hubbard using the DentalVibe. It was painless! No more fear of dental work.

Dr. Jim Rice
07-17-2014Larry V
Very positive experience. I told the dentist it was a good experience. It takes the pain out of getting numbed for a tooth extraction. Thank you.

Dr. Jason Dunville
07-17-2014Kateryna K
Great distraction!

Dr. Richard Caven
07-17-2014Elizabeth B
I just had my first dental experience where Dr. Richard Caven used the DentalVibe while numbing me for a crown--it was great! Shots are never fun, so I appreciated that the DentalVibe helped alleviate the sharpness that is usually felt during an injection.

Dr. Simon Lin
This is my first time using it and it is really excellent!

Dr. Nina Chang
07-17-2014Feixiang X
it's pain free when Dr Chang extracted a wisdom tooth for me

Dr. Simon Lin
07-16-2014Jerry H
Pain free experience

Dr. Steven Brock
07-16-2014David K
The DentalVibe certainly cut back on the pain of getting an injection in the roof of my mouth. You're on the right track with it--keep tweaking it. (Also, some of the links in your website's header on this page don't work right.)

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-16-2014Eartha E
My dentist, Dr. Ingrid Seecharan, ensures that she is up to date with the latest technology in her profession so that her customers experience a "Wow" factor every time. This time it was the DentalVibe. It felt like the 21st century has reached to dentistry where relatively pain free injections live. I now visit the dentist without anxiety.

Dr. Maria Aluning
07-16-2014Noemi C
Excellent, puntual

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-16-2014Bonnie A
Wonderful! In the past I have always had trouble with shots. This was a totally different experience.

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-16-2014Jack M
I felt no pain during my visit and did not feel and discomfort either. it was a very pain free filling. I would recommend this to anyone getting a shot.

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-16-2014kathy B
Dr Roy Smith performed a crown with painless gum injection

Dr. Linda Sarett
Great! No pain!

Dr. John Feeley
07-16-2014Heather L

Dr. Brad Perlstein
07-16-2014C G
it worked, I felt less pain. TY

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-16-2014brenda m
No pain, did not even feel the shot.

Dr. Joanna Magazine
07-16-2014William A
Any experience is totally pain free with Dr. Magazine. Her dentistry is excellent, her personality is fabulous, her office is perfection.

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-16-2014Louis F
Wow did not feel a thing when doctor sarett injected me

Dr. Lie-Ying Periu
07-16-2014yolanda c
No pain

Dr. Rosemarie Marquez
07-16-2014Vanessa M
I had a very positive experience with Dr. Marques and Dentalvibe. It really helped me relax, because I had confidence that I would not be in pain as the appointment was a scary one for me. I would recommend Dentalvibe to all the nervous patients. Dr. Marquez did and an amazing job.

Dr. Hilary Dalton
07-16-2014Milan L
Dr Dalton is the best dentist I have ever visited. She was very informative in helping me understand my mouth health and what to do to fix my bad hygiene habits. And she is very caring and friendly.

Dr. Francis X Amato III DMD
07-16-2014Greg b
My best dentist visit ever. I am scare to death of shots and Dr. Amato did an amazing job with this new procedure. It has changed my life.....:)

Dr. Daryl Robertson
07-15-2014Seth H
I went to the dentist office very nervous, I was there from 8:30am to 12:30 Noon. The experience was painless and fast. All of the employees were nice and careful with what they were doing, I would recommend them to friends.

Dr. Shanaz Formoli
07-15-2014Margaret H
Because of painful childhood experiences at the dentist's I am a very nervous patient. However, my current dentist is wonderful. She is very friendly and professional, and she does everything she can to make her patients comfortable and relaxed.She uses the DentalVibe to administer Novocain. There is absolutely no pain, and it actually feels pleasant. There is also no "next-day" soreness. Thank you DentalVibe and Dr. Formoli!

Dr. Laren Garfield
07-15-2014Robert D
I had a cavity under a crown so it needed to be fixed. I knew that once I was injected with an anesthetic there would be no pain and knew that the injection itself would be the most painful thing of the entire procedure. When it came time for the injection, my dentist, Dr. Garfield, put this never-beofre-seen vibrating thing ito my mouth an, lo and behold, I did not feel the needle at all! For that reason, the entire procedure was totally pain free. I am happy that he had this amazing new tool in his office.

Dr. John Addison
07-15-2014Pedro P
So i went in today for a tooth extraction; as much as the actual extraction scared me i knew there wasn't going to be any pain thanks to the anesthesia. but getting the anesthesia there was a different story! huge needle! yikes! So my dentist Dr.Addision pulls out this little devise and tells me its going to be virtually painless. needless to say it was! that little devise was the dental vide, and to be honest i wouldn't want to do any other procedure that requires anesthesia without it. Great innovation in dental care, Thanks Dr.Addison for the great work you did!

Dr. Timothy Case
07-15-2014Eileen M
This is a must for patients that white knuckle it through an injection. It makes the toughest part actually not so bad.

Dr. Kawveh Nofallah
07-15-2014Ingrid P
I could feel the injection but it did not hurt.

Dr. Roberto Palmieri
07-15-2014Brenda L

Dr. Richard Caven
07-15-2014Susan C
I have always had a little anxiety waiting on the sting from a dental novacaine injection. I did not feel A THING when Dr. Caven used the DentalVibe! A great experience!

Dr. Steven Stec
07-15-2014Ryan R
Loved the dental vibe experience. Usually those first shots are the worst but now you do not even notice them.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-15-2014Dianne R
I was not even aware that I had been injected.I thought the anaesthetic was being rubbed into my mouth.It also took effect much faster than the normal injection.While I found the vibrations rather annoying, it was preferable to the pain of the old way.

Dr. Simon Lin
07-15-2014Whitby P
distraction device, nothing scientific about this. takes away focus from needle by incorporating stronger senses like noise and vibration to mask injections. Overall effective but nothing special

Dr. Jeremy Garrett
07-15-2014David W
I felt that the vibe did a good job of distracting me while I recieved shots to numb my jaw. I HATE shots. I thought it was a bit funny at first, but i will try anything, and i think it was worth using. I would ask for it again.

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-15-2014Robert H
Helped to numb my gums,so I could hardly feel the shot right before I got my cavity filled

Dr. Michael Miner
07-15-2014Daniel R
Unfortunately my experience was not exactly pain-free, as I could distinctly feel the pain of the needle going in. However, the DV's vibration distracted fairly instantly from the pain.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-15-2014Ali G
My injection was totally painless, thanks to the DentalVibe!!

Dr. Roy Theriot
I am hype-sensitve to any type of denistry. I knew Dr. Theriot was doing using something "different" when he started using the DentalVibe while simultainiously injecting the numbing agent. I KNEW whatever new 'toy' he was using was only for distraction...but it worked dispite having that knowledge...very tricky - I love it! Sneaky and impressive!

Dr. Roberto Palmieri
07-15-2014kristy w
Relieved the pain of the needle stick. The burn of the local was also minimized

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-15-2014Shannon M
Less pain!

Dr. Mark & Theresa Abood
07-15-2014Neha L
Fantastic! Went in to have filling repaired. Least painful experience to date as I am slow responding to numbing agents. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. Francis X Amato III DMD
07-14-2014Michael K
I received great advice from Dr. Amato on ways to help with TMJ and my headaches. He gave me a great cleanup and takes great care of my teeth!

Dr. Charles Scanlon
07-14-2014Virginia H
Loved it, made hard palate injection much moe comfortable. Thanks

Dr. Simon Lin
07-14-2014Jin A
I had an awesome pain-free experience with Dr. Lin. I've never liked dental offices in my life but that opinion is not valid any longer! No pain no worries!

Dr. Thomas Schneider
07-14-2014Carolyn J
I had gum surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Schneider. I felt nothing while getting the shots to deaden my gums. Thanks to the Dental Vibe and Dr. Schneider, the experience was awesome! I love him for using this great tool. Whoever invented it should get an award!

Dr. Nelson Smith
07-14-2014BECKY S

Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu
07-14-2014Catherine S
Pain Free!

Dr. Robert Harelick
07-14-2014Eileen D
very good - much better than it was without the device

Dr. Jonathan Gellert
07-14-2014Mary B
Really pretty much painless even tho I was suffering from TMJ

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-14-2014Denise S
Amazing how well it worked. I have had some painful experiences and this made my visit so much easier and NO pain. Thank you so much!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-14-2014caroline g
The dental vibe is very pain free! It makes my experience pain free!:)

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-14-2014Shelia S
I recently had to get a crown and my dentist, Dr. Larry Hubbard, used the dental vibe. I did not feel anything other than the vibration from the dental vibe. What a great invention!! Thank you!

Dr. Steven Stec
07-14-2014Jill P

Dr. Jason Niegsch
07-14-2014Olena W
I really enjoyed new way to administer anesthetic injection. In fact, I liked it so much, I'd wish the doctor would do it longer. It felt like a cheek massage.

Dr. Michael Miner
07-14-2014Ronald S
I had a root canal,Post & Crown & received many injections. I felt NO pain. It was a terrific experience.

Dr. Troy Garey
07-14-2014Jilene H

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-14-2014Natalie S
Good experience with the dental vibe. It definitely helped with the discomfort!

Dr. Neil Shapiro
07-14-2014andrew d
Dr. Shapiro is an amazing dentist he truly cares for his patients and makes it a pain free experience.

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
07-13-2014Becky R
I loved the new vibrating tool. Dr. W. gave me a painfree injection---as the only thing I could actually feel was the vibration rather than the needle. Many thanks!!

Dr. Kurt Weisenfels
07-13-2014Becky R
I loved the new vibrating tool. Dr. W. gave me a painfree injection---as the only thing I could actually feel was the vibration rather than the needle. Many thanks!!

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-13-2014TAMARA D
It was awesome to not feel any pain.

Dr. Saqib Mohajir
07-13-2014Carole C
Yesterday I had a permanent crown done by Dr. Saqib Mohafir, and for the first time did not wince during the initial numbing process. I am a new patient of his and have never seen this used before...a vibrating technique that caused no wincing, fist clenching, or general unrelaxed stiffing of my entire body that usually happens when I am numbed up with just the traditional needle. D. Mohajir told me he started using this technology about 4 months ago. Well, I told him to never stop. It was great. Thanks to him and the company that sells this...unfortuanately I don't know exactly what it's called, but it truly made a big difference in my dental experience yesterday. THANKS!!!

Dr. Brett Maddux
07-13-2014Chuck P

Dr. Lenny Slepchik

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-13-2014Kathie V

Dr. Lenny Slepchik
07-13-2014Matild K
J'ai trouve l'experience avec le dental vibe magnifique! Finalement, Je n'ai plus peur de l'anasthesie! Merci

Dr. Robert Harelick
07-13-2014Raymond J
Experienced substantially less pain.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-13-2014KURT R

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-12-2014Samantha S
Second time using this method, barely felt a thing.

Dr. Lenny Slepchik
07-12-2014Mohamad S

Dr. Jonathan Gellert
07-12-2014dawn b
I went for broken teeth and needed nova Caine for drilling and placement of temp crown. It wasn't completely painless, but Dr. Gellert is always as gentle and caring as possible in situation. I don't think that there is such a thing as absolutely painless even dental cleanings can be painful when biting down on xray cassettes. I have no c/o's.

Dr. Olga Reyes
07-12-2014David M
Love my Dentist Dr; Reyes always takes care of our family. Had ex-rays and a cleanning today. Never worry about pain with her.

Dr. Olga Reyes
07-12-2014Norin M
It was an excellent experience. Feel like part of the family. Just had teeth cleaned today but always pain feel. Recommend this Dentist in a heart beat.

Dr. Edward Camacho
07-12-2014Dio R
I felt the vibration only. I knew the needle was going in and around the gum area, but I felt no pain or discomfort at all. If you've ever felt like you were being tortured at your last dental visit, this should end all the anxiety.

Dr. Robert Hull
07-12-2014Michael G
I was pain free. Wonderful product!

Dr. Jennifer Psota Dougherty
I hadn't been to the dentist in over 10 years due to fear of dental pain. At my second visit with Dr. Jenn, she broke out the DentalVibe and explained how it would work. I trust her completely but I had my doubts. What a great surprise! The DentalVibe gives her another way to ease my fears about treatment. Thank you for such an great product!

Dr. Ronald Robinson
07-12-2014Nancy D
Worked Great!

Dr. Nicholas Papadea
07-12-2014Magdalene B

Dr. Michael Miner
07-12-2014Emily S
The dental vibe moderately decreased the pain at the injection site. It would be more comfortable if there was a rubber coating that went farther up the shaft to prevent extra vibration on adjacent teeth.

Dr. Roman Galkin
07-12-2014Nadia N
Excellent service, friendly team!

Dr. Roman Galkin
07-11-2014Alex N
Very good services!!!

Dr. Panos Andreou
07-11-2014Worrell M
As far as needle or pain is concerned, I believe I am the "whimpiest" guy around. I usually ask for double dose of the numbing gel but this vibe thing did the trick for me. I am pleased to say I didn't feel the needles and the long wait for the effect of the anaesthetics last about five seconds. Thanks to the dental vibe.

Dr. Steven Stec
07-11-2014tim c
it was fast and pain free

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-11-2014Melina H
Wisdom teeth and teeth filling

Dr. Christopher McCash
07-11-2014Harry O
Pain free. Very nice dentist

Dr. Brian Allen
07-11-2014william t
At first I did not know wat it was but as soon as they used it on me I was very surprised I didn't feel any pain way so ever. I just sat there and waited for them to do there thing the whole time I didn't feel one thing. I love it. It works great and makes a huge diffrence. No pain at all

Dr. Maria Aluning
07-11-2014Franz D
It was a great and pain free experience!

Dr. Richard Guerra
07-11-2014steven q
best place ever

Dr. Terrence Lau
07-11-2014Juliana M
Interesting, fun and great, much less painful.... I loved it :)

Dr. Bohan Soifer
07-11-2014Steven S
Product performed as explained to me. I usually squeeze the skin on my sides to get through the injection. The dental vibe was much preferable.

Dr. Jerome Kayatta
07-11-2014Virginia C
Took mind off pain, but still felt needle.

Dr. Randy Robertson
07-11-2014Tracie K
loved it!

Dr. Daniel Pence
07-11-2014Krista G
Pain free lasted up to about 4 hours after procedure. Prep for old decay removal and new application. Was pretty much pain free. On 07/09/14.

Dr. Jason Dunville
07-11-2014Megan J
Great experience as always with Dr. Dunville!!!

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-11-2014Irma A
painless and quick!!

Dr. Fred Jones
07-11-2014Janna R
Great! Like a massage for my gums!

Dr. Ratna Indah
07-11-2014Lisa N
son had fillings

Dr. Ratna Indah
07-11-2014Lisa N

Dr. Geoffrey Brown
07-11-2014LaTasha F
I had some works on my gums and Dr. Brown did such a good job that even after the numbness wore off I still did not feel any pain.

Dr. Norman Bardsley
07-10-2014Kevin P
I had a tooth pulled today by Dr. Norman Bardsley, it was painless including the shots. Your product worked wonderfully.

Dr. Raoul Shah
07-10-2014Ellen J
Dr. Raoul Shah and his staff are them. No pain or discomfort...they are experts!

Dr. Younes Tabrizi
07-10-2014robert C

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
07-10-2014Christa W
Amazing!!! No other way to get numb. It's genius!!!

Dr. Anish Patel
07-10-2014Beth C
Totally the most relaxing visit

Dr. Raoul Shah
07-10-2014Michael W
Very good

Dr. Anish Patel
07-10-2014Monique S
It was a great and pain free experience. The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable

Dr. Nancy Ekelman
07-10-2014Jennifer C
I had a completely pain-free experience with Dr.Nancy Ekelman. I would definitely recommend her.

Dr. Simon Lin
07-10-2014Shahedul S
Dr Lin and his staff were very courteous and handled me with great care. I feel a lot better now.

Dr. Willie Hammontree
07-10-2014edie m
It was the berries. No pain at all. I am super sensitive. I hope they use it on me anytime I have to get a short.

Dr. Amit Dhar
07-10-2014Nqobile C
Had a root canal done as well as a crown put on. Dr Dhar injected the anesthesia he used the Dental Vibe and I did not feel the injection or any pain during the procedure. I do remember however the before Dr Dhar started using this you would cringe at the sight of the needle. In addtion Dr Dhar is just great.

Dr. Brian Allen
07-10-2014susan b
I didn't feel the shot go in at all- what a great invention! Dr.Allen and his wife Penny are the best!

Dr. Jesse Reagin
07-10-2014Marissa T
The dental vibe was wonderful!!!!!!! It eliminated the horrible sting and pain of the needle! I am SO glad Dr. Reagin has one of them. It made my anxiety go away and my experience great! Thanks!!

Dr. Robert Piedalue
07-10-2014Janneke S
It Was EXCELLENT!! No pain at all!!

Dr. Dell Goodrick
07-10-2014Colene R
Finding the right dentist brings such peace of mind. Dr. Dell Goodrick and his staff are highly qualified, kind, courteous, and respectful of my personal needs. I have always experienced a job well done that was pain free and timely! Thanks Dr. Dell for caring and for your professional services!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-10-2014Richard J

Dr. William Dunn
07-10-2014Maria J

Dr. Scott Arndt
07-10-2014Tina H
Love the DentalVibe! The worst part of going to the dentist is the initial shot but I didn't even feel that pinch or the pressure of the shot with the DentalVibe.

Dr. Jose Cruz
07-10-2014chakia G
It was very great. I felt nothing at all. Thanks

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-10-2014Loretta M
I experienced the DentalVibe procedure today for the first time. I was amazed my injections were pain free. I was skeptical at first. I didn't think a pain-free injection was possible. I am a believer now.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-10-2014Jillian D
Hardly any pain, easy shots. Great experience.

Dr. Charles Kattuah
07-10-2014Carmie E
The Dental Vibe is fantastic! So much better than the numbing ointment and faster too. I loved it! I couldn't believe he gave me the shot it was quick and painless. Made for a much more relaxing dental visit! So grateful to whomever came up with this technology!!

Dr. Steven Stec
07-10-2014Diane S
I Went to Dr. Stec today and when he used the dental vibe intrument Incould not feel the injection. That was great.

Dr. Linda Sarett
07-10-2014Shirley D
Lower anterior injection was painless!! I am so impressed and happy that this visit was so painless.

Dr. Simon Lin
07-10-2014Natalie S
I do not like needles, and am always nervous when undergoing a procedure requiring the use of needles. When I did my procedure, I was not even aware of being injected. I felt nothing!!

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-10-2014Jeffrey w
They had to do a filling it did not hurt

Dr. Joseph Craig
07-10-2014Catherine J
Vibrating eased discomfort of initial novicaine needle stick. Highly recommend.

Dr. Rosanna Bailey
07-10-2014Briannica T
Great experience. I didn't even feel the injection!!!

Dr. John Lark
07-10-2014Charlotte P
Wow! This was very effective in reducing and distracting from the pain of anesthetic injections. I have had the dental work of ten people - or so it seems :) From fillings to root canals, extraction, crowns, implants to more crowns! I speak from experience when I say the DemtalVibe made a significant difference in reducing the discomfort of oral injections. Thank you. Charlotte Powel

Dr. James Wallace
07-09-2014Gail K
Never had one like it. Not the first hint of discomfort. Wish all my years of dental work had been as comfortable.

Dr. Gary Rosenblatt
07-09-2014Karen S
Barely felt pain ... And I got a lot of Novocaine today!

Dr. Dat Nguyen
07-09-2014RICHARD P

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-09-2014michael r
No pain the best ever

Dr. Daniel Pence
07-09-2014Lynn R
Dr. Pence used the Dental Vibe to ease the initial discomfort associated with injections of novacaine. The Vibe definitely helped with pain, providing a vibrating sensation that was distracting to my nerves so that I was not so focused on the pinching and burning of the injection. I was not sure what to expect, but now I would definitely request to use the Vibe again for a much more pleasant dental experience!

Dr. Larry Hoyt
07-09-2014karen g
Dr. Hoyt is the best. He always tries to make the dental experience as pain free as possible.

Dr. Stephen Carosello
07-09-2014jerry h
as always a great experience. The use of the dental vibe made it even better

Dr. Stephen Carosello
07-09-2014Inge C
was in the office for SRP and was a little nervous since I am a big chicken. But with him using the DentalVIbe I had no pain. Thank YOu

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-09-2014Laurianne P
I liked the DentalVibe.

Dr. Dat Mang
07-09-2014al b
absolutely works.felt no needle and did not feel the extraction either.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-09-2014Carol Y
Oh was wonderful I walked in in so much pain and within minutes the entire procedure was over. I would never have thought at could be painless and I would be awake for a removal! T uhh I s simple painless method made this a wonderful experience. Th a 'm you to Dr. Peterson and dentalvibe.

Dr. Saqib Mohajir
07-09-2014Lakeisha L
My experience with Dr. Mohajir was great, he really knows what he's doing and he answers all of your questions, it was a completely efficient and painless process, I highly recommend his services as well as all of the incredible products in his office. He is up to date on all of the best ways to take care of your needs as a patient, IG he recommends dentalvibe, it has to be that dentalvibe is the best.

Dr. Richard Caven
07-09-2014Kate F
Hardly felt a thing!! Virtually painless!

Dr. Rodrigo Lagos
07-09-2014Cheryl D
Deep cleaning under gums!

Dr. Dwayne Zobell
07-09-2014Anita J
It has been a long time since I had a crown and the vibe made the injection site much less discomfort. Could hardly feel it.

Dr. Willie Hammontree
07-09-2014Esther S
I was prepared for the pain I've experienced in the past with different dentists who did not use a Dental Vibe. To my surprise I felt nothing! It was a much better experience. I'm so happy to find such a caring dentist and staff with the latest up to date technology to make my experience more comfortable. Thanks!

Dr. Ford Gatgens
I had a fabulous experience with dental vibe. I was very nervous to get my filling from my dentist, and especially about the anesthetic. Dental vibe made the process so much easier and relaxing. My hygentist assured me I would not feel anything, and she was correct! Dental vibe caused my anesthetic pain free, and for that I thank you.

Dr. Nicholas Papadea
tooth pulled using a vibe ring

Dr. Dennis Burgner
07-09-2014Misty V
completely pain free. The procedure was pretty quick and didn't require any needles!

Dr. Jason Dunville
07-09-2014Keith M
Work good

Dr. Steven Stec
07-09-2014Cindy B
The dental work I had done today was totally pain free.

Dr. Larry Hubbard
07-09-2014TaShun W
I had an awesome pain free experience with Dental vibe. I was pleasantly surprised

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-09-2014Pascual H
Great Service

Dr. Simon Lin
07-08-2014BOB B

Dr. David Hauss
07-08-2014brenda m
best painless shot

Dr. Mark & Theresa Abood
07-08-2014Paula R
pain free

Dr. Isabella Wang
07-08-2014Ying W
pretty good!

Dr. John Blattner
07-08-2014Melissa P
I had to get a tooth pulled. Dr. Blattner used the new piece of equipment on me. I just felt a little pressure when he stuck the needle in to numb my gum. There was no pain!

Dr. Paul Cardon
07-08-2014Marti J
I'm usually nervous when going to the dentist because of the tiny tools and drilling sounds but my visit was 100% pain free! I didn't feel a thing when the anesthesia was applied.

Dr. Gregory Calleia
07-08-2014gary d
Had a root canal problem. Dentist gave me a shot for pain, but first used some kind of vibrator to eliminate the pain of the needle . It worked like a miracle. I didn't feel a thing and I have a very low threshold for pain.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-08-2014Caroline G
The dental vibe is very relaxing. It makes my extractions pain free!:) I love the dental vibe

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-08-2014Caroline G
The dental vibe is very relaxing. It makes my extractions pain free!:) I love the dental vibe

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-08-2014Rylee V
I liked it it didn't hurt when I got the shot. it made me forget about getting the shot.

Dr. Sabine Purps
07-08-2014Gabriel G
I like the shaking motion. I haves used this device twice and both times I did not notice that I was being enjected.

Dr. Clive Hamilton
07-08-2014Philip L
Thank you for the appointment last week! Ive always hated the shaking of my head previously used to give shots. I didnt feel any pain at all this time! Thank you.

Dr. Mark Liberati
07-08-2014Jamie S
the novacaine shots to the roof of the mouth are usually awful. With the Vibe I barely felt a pinch. Fantastic!

Dr. Jeff Kim
07-08-2014Cindy S
Love the dental vibe because it eliminates my throat feeling numb.

Dr. Richard Caven
07-08-2014Kendall J

Dr. William Dunn
07-08-2014Lisa C
I realy liked the dentalvibe because I was paying more attention to the vibe instead of where the needle was going. Thanks, Lisa

Dr. Michelle Conner
07-08-2014Tanjel C
Virtually painless

Dr. Robert Hull
07-08-2014Megan H
Worked great

Dr. Olga Reyes
07-08-2014Miguel M
This vibrating machine really saved my gums from the pain of the topical anesthesia, and the skill of which my dentist used it was just amazing.

Dr. Wayne Young
07-07-2014Dawn K
I did not think it would work but it did! I'm impressed ! Thank u

Dr. Brian Vence
07-07-2014Linda H
Wonderful! No pain at all. It made such a difference in my dental visit!

Dr. Roy Smith III
07-07-2014Tommy S
I had my first experience with the Dental Vibe today (7-7-14) and it was great! My dentist, Dr Roy Smith, used it on me and injected my upper palate which ALWAYS hurts and I didn't feel a thing! He had to then inject my lower front gum line and used it there and it didn't hurt at all! I was skeptical at first but let him know I would want it done everytime! Great product!

Dr. David Hauss
07-07-2014sao c

Dr. Mark Treystman
07-07-2014harry v
Very Gentle. Did not feel a thing! :)

Dr. Thomas Schneider
07-07-2014Jennifer H
Felt no pain at all and was very comfortable for the entire procedure!

Dr. Herman Tong
07-07-2014Agostino T

Dr. Peter Steinert
07-07-2014sue H

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-06-2014Anita S
It was a great experience

Dr. Lie-Ying Periu
07-06-2014Melanie C
It was much better than expected. I had to have 2 fillings replaced and I was quite nervous! Because of the dental vibe, I didn't notice the needle and felt more calm with the vibration. I barley felt it and would definitely recommend it to anyone having a dental procedure!

Dr. Richard Anthony Matheny
07-06-2014Susan L
For the first time in my 57 years I did not feel any pain, discomfort, ANYTHING when my dentist gave me the shot to numb the work area in my mouth. I have always said that the worst part of the dentist is the shot. I went to the office in a pretty bad mood but DentalVibe was such a great experience I couldn't get the grin off my face. I would recommend this to anyone have dental work done and I will insist on it every time I go back!!!!! Wish I'd thought of it.

Dr. Brett Maddux
07-06-2014Debra G
I had periodontal surgery this week and used the dentalvibe when getting the shots. I didn't feel a thing. It was so much better than other procedures I've had in the past.

Dr. Jason Dunville
07-05-2014Beatrice P
Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Had a new crown (my tiara) and a filling done and had very little discomfort. Was in and out in less than and hour and a half.

Dr. Sabine Purps
07-05-2014Ritajean S
I just had some dental work done by Dr Sabine Purps, on my upper left side. In the past I have dreaded the numbing shots because they hurt more, to me, than those given for the lower teeth. Dr. Purps used the new DentalVibe system and I was amazed! I felt nothing at all. Thanks for a weird, but actually wonderful, product.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-05-2014priyanka r
prior to visiting Dr. Ingrid Seeberan I did have a filling done by another dentist and that said filling was poorly done. Upon meeting with Dr. Ingrid, she clearly explained what was wrong and carefully repaired my tooth. It was completely painless and she was very gentle during her procedure.Lastly she explained to me what she did to repair my tooth and assured me that if any pain arose that I should contact her at once.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-05-2014Caroline G
With the dental vibe I could barely feel any pain ! I defiantly recommend this to children and adults with dental anxiety! The dental vibe is awesome

Dr. Brad Perlstein
07-05-2014Russ P
A bit of a skeptic, but the experience was a pleasant one!!

Dr. Simon Lin
07-05-2014Ju H
The vibrations took the attention away from the pain!

Dr. Panos Andreou
07-04-2014Laura H
I have a phobia of needles in the mouth, but Dr Andreou helped me feel better and explained the technique. No more phobia!!

Dr. Teresa Larkins
07-04-2014Myer P
Very good experience. It significantly reduced pain from the shot.

Dr. Anna Barantsevich
07-04-2014Matthew P
IT was pretty surprising, I did not feel the needle at all. And, when the doctor ha finished injecting Novocain that part of my mouth started to go numb. I would definitely want it to be used on my next visit.

Dr. Ronald Robinson
07-04-2014Anastasia C
It greatly diminished the pain of the injection the first time and eliminated it the second time.

Dr. Philip Vickery
07-03-2014Michael S
Best experience ever. One dentist I went to used to pinch your cheek to kind if numb it. Then the topical stuff tasted awful. This is the best device ever, do not mind getting the shots now.

Dr. Russell Kelly
07-03-2014Mai P
Wow! DentalVibe was amazing. I didn't feel a thing when my dentist injected the numbing fluids and the filling was very smooth and quick.

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
07-03-2014Nzinga A
This is the best thing since slice bread, it has been long over due, i had really great experience with this, I literally felt nothing, it worked perfect....Thank you to the creator of this device.

Dr. Russell Kelly
07-03-2014VIncent P
DentalVibe was outstanding! My dentist, Dr. Russell Kelly, let me know how the technology worked and once he told me, he applied the DentalVibe and then applied the local anesthesia. I didn't even realize he did so because the muscle confusion was very effective!

Dr. Majdi Alrabady
07-03-2014John D
Totally pain free ! It was awesome.

Dr. Saqib Mohajir
07-03-2014Bailey F

Dr. Janet Wolery
07-03-2014Trista T
More comfort

Dr. C. Stanley Mitchell Jr.
It was wonderful. I didn't feel anything. I used to dread getting them because it hurt so bad.

Dr. Jon Julian
07-03-2014Josephine S
Dr. Jon Julian and his team at The Dental Retreat are simply the best. State-of-the -art dental practice, beautiful, calm surroundings, and Dr. Julian is the most professional, skilled, patient dentist I have ever met. Dr. Julian teaches dentists from all over the world his advanced dentistry, of which he is a master. If I lived on the other side of the country I would return to the Dental Retreat for all my dental needs.

Dr. John Addison
07-03-2014ian j
did not feel any pain!!!

Dr. Saqib Mohajir

Dr. Sherry Colvin
07-03-2014Ashley Y
Great experience! The vibrating sensation really helps distract from the pain. I will be asking for the Dental Vibe at every visit!

Dr. Robert Harelick
07-03-2014Nicole F
I actually didn't notice much of an improvement with the DentalVibe, unfortunately. I figured I would give my honest feedback. Thank you!

Dr. Lie-Ying Periu
07-03-2014Paula R
Absolutely painless during prep for crown. Love it!

Dr. Jesse Reagin
07-03-2014richard g
Did't feel it and was numb instantly,overall excellent!

Dr. Stephen Carosello
07-03-2014Irina S
Had an amazing experience at my favorite dentist's office. Made me smile! Dr. Carosello is so great. His staff is amazing.

Dr. Dennis Song
07-03-2014Kris M
It was awesome to see the potential of this device and I wish I was able to use it clinically in order to test it on my patients. I see the potential in this device but would like to experience it first hand before fully committing to it.

Dr. Loretta McKelvey
07-03-2014Gowsi S
Every time my visit to the Dr. Loretta's dental place I have very pleasant experience besides her dental advice to keep my teeth strong!! Very nice of her.

Dr. Jason Dunville
07-02-2014Sharon A
My visit was great! I had a crown replaced, and the whole experience was painless, quick and easy. I appreciate the friendly and professional treatment I consistently receive.

Dr. Benjamin Record
07-02-2014Kaitlyn S

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
07-02-2014Ty L
My experience was with Dr. Hadley in Las Vegas, NV. I totally hate going to the dentist but with Dr. Hadley I felt extremely comfortable and could tell he understood dentistry extremely well. The dental vibe totally helped with not noticing or distracting me from the pain of a shot. This is a great product and idea. Cheers

Dr. Jeffery Hadley
07-02-2014Ty L
My experience was with Dr. Hadley in Las Vegas, NV. I totally hate going to the dentist but with Dr. Hadley I felt extremely comfortable and could tell he understood dentistry extremely well. The dental vibe totally helped with not noticing or distracting me from the pain of a shot. This is a great product and idea. Cheers

Dr. Douglas Dompkowski
07-02-2014David J
This marvelous little invention allows those drastically uncomfortable palate shots to be bearable. What dentist could practice without it? Thanks Dr. Dompkowski !!

Dr. Richard Danielson
07-02-2014Matthew M
Filling it wasn't that bad.

Dr. Ben Baldwin
07-02-2014LANA r

Dr. Fred Jones
07-02-2014Elizabeth S
I got a Crown! The Smile Center has the top of the line technology they use. Never felt any pain. Pleasant experience and Pleasant Staff.

Dr. Rosanna Bailey
07-02-2014Tania P
As a mother of 4 young kids finding the right family dentist was important. My children's health and wellness is top priority. So seeing their smiling face after a pain free visit gives me peace of mind thank dental vibe.

Dr. Kawveh Nofallah
07-02-2014Jared L
Pain free

Dr. John Blattner
07-01-2014Carol G
Used to prepare front tooth for a crown. I had no pain and less anxiety. Iliked the device.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-01-2014Richard J
Deep cleaning

Dr. Blake Julian
07-01-2014courtney a
my experience was great! Ibsaw Dr. Blake Julian, others may know him from the "Bachelorette" I had my teeth cleaned and made follow up appointments to have some fillings done. Simply one of the best dentist ever and the staff is fantastic!

Dr. Sung Lee
Experience was painless.

Dr. Dennis Parvey
07-01-2014Scotty Z
worked great, didn't feel it as much

Dr. Roy Theriot
07-01-2014Paul B
I have had many dental procedures and the worst part is the injection of the anesthetic. The DentalVibe took almost all of the discomfort out of the procedure. Thanks for a Cool Tool!

Dr. Michelle Conner
07-01-2014Meloni C
I didn't even know I was being numbed. Much better than all of my other experiences with the dentist.

Dr. Dean Mortenson
07-01-2014Maurice G
Wow I'm impressed. I usually involuntarily tear up and wince. Can't wait for it to be over. Today I was so comfortable, it was like that needle step was completely eliminated. Marvelous invention.

Dr. Doreen Peterson
07-01-2014Susan W
Another painless experience! Thanks!!

Dr. Stacey Sanford
07-01-2014China N
The dental vibe device helped to spread the anesthetic and distract me from the pain in my gums. I didn't even notice the needle!

Dr. Francis X Amato III DMD
07-01-2014Katrina K
One of my sons had such a bad dental experience prior to coming to Dr. Amato that he would be sick the night before any appointment. Since becoming a patient of Dr Amato dental visits are a joy. No worries, no anxiety.

Dr. Steven Miller
07-01-2014Helen S
8 years of only good experiences at Dr. Steven Millers' office, I had a permanent crown put in yesterday and hadn't slept well the night before, I actually fell asleep in the exam chair while he worked in my mouth.

Dr. Darryl Simms
07-01-2014Sydnie W
I had a broken baby toot and had to use the denta vibe to help when they had to pull the rest out. It was awesome and it didn't even hurt at all! I am 9 years old and I would want to use it again.

Dr. Kesa McConnell
07-01-2014Laura A
Loved it! Hardly felt the shot at all!

Dr. Hilary Dalton
07-01-2014Cherie B
Came in to check a tooth because of some minor pain. The problem was found quickly and the problem was fixed with no pain or discomfort.

Dr. Timothy Case
06-30-2014David B

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
06-30-2014nadia a

Dr. Ingrid Seeberan
06-30-2014nadia a

Dr. Jose Cruz
06-30-2014chakia G

Dr. Amit Dhar
06-30-2014Timeka T
Wonderful, pain free experience and Dr. Dhar and his staff were excellent

Dr. Alex Avanessian
06-30-2014Jim R
Periodontal Oral Surgery by Dr. Alex Avanessian. Absolutely pain free. Thank you Dr A.!

Dr. Rosario Holland
Great experience. They treat you with respect.

Dr. Ben Baldwin
06-30-2014Teryl F
Loved the dental vibe! I think it's a great concept.

Dr. Cynthia McMann
06-30-2014Bret B
Excellent distraction when getting a shot!

Dr. Ben Baldwin
06-30-2014Maggie F
I had my first filling and my dentist used the vibe. I didn't even feel the shot! Works great!


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